My Iams

i have an orange tabby who i tried to ignore but he chose me. now i find myself so attached to him that i hate being gone a day. i am constantly waking up to him right next to me and he constantly makes me laugh. he is half bypolar i swear. he'll be cuddly one second then trying to keep him in my lap is impossible, he goes from loving on my dog to beating her up. what i really find odd is he cleans my hand like he would groom another cat, except if we had another cat there would be cat fights. i cant remember life without the terd. even if we just found him as a four month old stray a few months ago. the only down side to my loving iams choosing me is my family decides to pull the "its your cat" and never clean his litter box and boy does he leave some stinkers; on top of that he waits till i'm done then gets in the clean litter box to take a dump in front of me. i cant help but laugh i love him so much and a piece of my soul will die in the hopefully far away future when he dies
pheonixfire16 pheonixfire16
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1 Response May 15, 2012

Its so funny. The dog, same thing with mine. Poor baby baby doogy. Oh yeah. the litterbox. Everytime! I clean their litter box and they poop on the edges. Or they wait for me to have a shower and then poop as soon as I put one foot in the tub. Mean spirited imps!