My Cat Is My Only Friend.

I don't know much about cats. Just enough to take care of one.
My family of four, consisting of myself, my grandparents, and my cat, well, we all knows who is the ruler of the home.
It's not my grandparents, it's not me.
You guessed it!
It is our cat.
She is white, fluffy, and sleeps anywhere she wants to sleep. She always sits on this rocking chair, always takes the seat before someone else can. Sometimes she jumps onto the top of it, so someone can sit there, though she just normally sleeps on the seat.
She enjoys sunlight, and sleeps on rainy days. Which is odd, because I enjoy rainy days, and sleep when the sun is out.
She is smart. She will pick and choose which toy she wants, then, after tactically choosing her favourite toy for the day, she smacks it around. Most of which are these springs and many a little fake mouse.
Though, we have a stick with a feather on the end which she enjoys clawing at. If you can get her to claw at it, she will chase it throughout the house. It's quite fun, watching her run around. Also, she has recently developed an obsession with crawling around inside spaces in which look like she is too big to fit into. It must just be all of the fur, she is very fluffy.
She is very attention demanding. She wakes up, eats a little, then comes and meows until you pet her.
You know, i'd bet if she could tell me what she dreams about, it would be laying on her chair with someone petting her for all of eternity XD
She will always be an important member of the family.

And that was my story about how I love my cat.

Though, we never actually did give her a name...
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1 Response May 22, 2012

I likes the end. Haha i had so many anonymus cats. But yours sounds like my Foudino. Not the pants of the house only, she's the ruler of the neighborhood and all dogs and dog walkers fear her name. She does anything she wants. As for taking care of cats its very easy. They are independent animals. And you know, the most essencial thing pets need is your affection. Kiss your kittys nose for me.