I Love Odd Cats And They Love Me =)

I have been around animals since I was small, grew up with animals. Ducks, Dogs, Chickens, Rabbits and Cats.
Two cats have set a trace in my memory both very odd.
The first one was Sully, a Black cat, he loved to be cuddled and when he did he use to drool, and then he shook his head and splashed all over the place. He never liked when I went upstairs to my bed, he was situated downstairs he cried and cried and drowe everyone crazy until I gave in and let him follow me. The odd thing about him was that he was extremely sluggishly dull. When he blinked it took forever. The funny thing was that he had a speciality to catch squerrels, in my mind sluggish cat catch hyper speed squerrels doesn't make sense, but he did, left a few heads on the porch, not very nice but it was his way to appreaciate me =) I liked him because he was odd and he was drawn to me..
One night he had an accident, a lamp fell over him and he got really hurt, almost paraplegic, he could barely walk. I told my father I would make some money to take him to the vet. and have him checked out, or check him out, what ever was needed, I suffered with him. My father told me that would be useless... One day I got home he wasn't there, Sully wasn't anywhere to be found, I had just made some dough that I could take him to the vet. I asked my my father ware he was and he said he had taken the cat to some co-workers who worked at the industry he worked for. This friend took him to a farmer and shot him dead. I was so upset, no there is no words to describe that feeling. I could have at least taken him to the vet and put him down in a worthy way but no....

Any how the other cat, also unique also is one of my most memorable cats. She is hyperactive, yep I have a cat that suffers from A.D.H.D. She has always act like a little kitten. She can seldom come to rest and are very restless. When she wags her tail (usually cats do that when they are annoyed) but not mine, she wags her tail when she is restless..
Normally cat due to age "slows" down become lazy, not her... She is 11 now and she has just begun realizing that she is old. When people come over I use to ask how old they think she is, the same answer, "one year old" or "kitten" based on her body and behavior...
I love that cat and I am the only one that have patience enough to wait her out until she settles and go to sleep. Usually she goes around back and forth, up and down for half an hour before she can come to rest, and then she lays there for some minutes and begins all over...

31-35, M
Sep 25, 2012