I Will Not Let My Allergy Stop Me!

I was allergic to cats. :C

I was devastated because I thought I would never be able to adopt a loving kitten. After days of researching online about others with our same problem, I understood that is wasn't totally the end of the word; that there are allergy meds you can take to reduce the symptoms.

BUT my parents would never let me buy meds that they did not know about, so I didn't know what to do. (Also the cons about the meds are that if you get used to taking them, you have to rely on them and no longer will be able to go without them)

So that ruled out, I didn't know what to do but hide my symptoms. I knew that I wouldn't let some allergies get between my love of animals. Now there that's my little story, so let me tell you about how it felt when I adopted Orion. (He is a handsome black and white tomcat and is 6 months old)

On the first day of adopting him, I had your exact same symptoms. I ignored most of them but the sneezing was impossible the hide. I almost cried when my parents found out I was allergic. Luckily my tiger dad was not going to accept that my body had an impurity. Ha! So for once we agreed and so life went on. It was very bad the first few weeks and I would sneeze out blood. I also really loved peanut butter at the time and it felt good on my throat. I don't know if it was the peanut butter or just my body getting used to Orion, my symptoms started to lessen. First my red eyes went away (over a week's time of course) and then my itchy skin. Then my runny nose and finally my sneezing.
I don't know exactly when but... it just went away! So I believe my body just got used to his hair and body. I like to think it as my body healing to withstand the attack of the allergy. Like the Wolverine in the X-MEN! Haha.

Right now I don't even get any symptoms and I feel... you know... normal! He is right here with me as Im typing this, next to my keyboard. But there is one thing, when I sleep with him(now and then) or take a nap with him, I usually wake up with a little itchy eyes. Very minor but if you rub them they get a little red so just let them be(oh and always wash your hands after touching your kitty).

So yea. That was my experience with cat allergy+love of cats.
Orionthekitty Orionthekitty
13-15, M
Jan 14, 2013