All this girl needs to be happy, a mouse and a box (,:
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question is: can cats get jealouse? see when I get home my male Siamese cat yaws and yaws n yayaws and when I rub him he purs away, but the moment I try rubbing his sister also Siamese, he some how finds a way to nudge my hand off her and onto him. baby glp. and cat/animal lover.

They definitely can. My older tourty always growls/hisses when I stroke my kitten haha x

ive got two Siamese and both think they run the house. baby glp.

Siamese are like that.! I had one when I was younger. Hugo, such a little rascal.!

Wish my cat was like that. Mine's a lazy little girl. Wait...... Not little

Paha well she's only a couple of months, hopefully she'll be the same when she's grown up.

Mines like 7 or 8 human years old