Hey guys ! I'm having a hard time with my kitty Leo. I love him so much and he loves to be held and petted but sometimes he gets a little crazy and physical with my hands and feet. I play with him about 20 min everyday ( usually before bed so he's tired out ) . But I live with my grandma and I can't have him attacking people because she will literally throw him outside because she's not too fond of cats . Anyways I need help . How can I get Leo to stop attacking and ambushing humans ?
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2 Responses Aug 29, 2014

I found spraying water works. Or a quick (but gentle) shake by the scruff (apparently that's how mother cats discipline their kittens). Just make sure either is accompanied by a stern No. Hope that helps

Canned air (like for computers) is also a good deterrent. Don't play with him with your hands and feet as toys, because that encourages him to think of them as targets. And a firm "no!" when he attacks people, accompanied by a burst of canned air or a spray from a spray bottle works wonders, but you have to make sure everyone in the household is willing to do the same for consistency. :)