Found 5 Little Kittens

In 2002, some kids rang my friend's doorbell.  They had a box with five little kittens in it.  They said it was on top of a garbage can, and when they heard the "meows" looked in and saw the kittens.  They knew my friend loves animals, so they brought them to her.  Well, she had 2 children under 3 and could not take care of the kittens.  We called every shelter in the yellow pages and no one would or could take them.   I couldn't bring them to animal control so I took them.  I caught the mother as per my vet's instructions.  Long story short, I kept the crew until I had them 8 weeks, so they were about 9 weeks old.  I gave 3 away (after checking references, vet, etc.) and was left with 2 and the mom.  My friend took the mom, who appeared to be feral and he and his roomate worked with her and after 5 years can pick her up and play with her.  The two kittens stayed with me, and I love them dearly.  They are my babies, and they are spoiled and wonderful and grateful all at the same time.

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gOOD SOUNDS........YOUR APPRECIATED..................:)