I'm 27 years old and have had to be catheterized because I have urinary retention. I need a catheter in for the rest of my life because I am unable to empty my bladder fully. I can't empty my own bladder and sometimes I get really annoyed because I keep having to empty a leg bag but at this point I have to do it!!
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Get a belly bag, so much more comfortable and makes you feel totally normal as if you have no cath at all, they are 1000cc vs a 500 leg bag, and at night use a large 2000cc bedside bag and you will sleep all night and wake rested and refreshed. I have no need for a catheter but use one all the time to sleep. I love drinking ice water at night and if I did not use a foley I would be up 5-6 times a night waking up my better half. She loves me using a cath as we both get to sleep all night using the 2000cc bag. Foleys rock!

if she is drinking a whole bunch you can even get a 4000ml (ML and CC are the same measurement, just prefer ML myself) bedside bag. Also leg bags come in up to 32 ounces which is right over 946ml. Personally prefer a leg bag attached to my calf (you may have to buy some extension tubing/connector to do this) but each person is different.