I Love My Cheating Husband

we been together since we were teenagers and now in our late twenties he has cheated multiple times.

the first time he did it we were 21 and i thought since girls were more mature then boys that i should expect it.

i know our sex experience was growing together and he wanted to try it out on other females. so down the line he

did it again he always said all the right things at that time and behave long enough for me to not pay it no mind

anymore. once we got married and on our 2nd child he did it again. now let me mention that it was never in my face

i search real hard for it by checking phone records repeatedly and still do it to this day. now i know im attractive and

that he is well please in the bedroom which he says definitely is not the reason he does it. he says he just dont know

why. when we are 2gether everything is perfect and on top of that everything i ask for i get. i know that i should leave

him but i dont want to because when im out no man that i compare to him comes out on top. i also have not been perfect

but now that just makes me love him more cause its like there really is not a total package like him. now that i take

my vows seriously i feel its payback and my heart is already set on being with just him. but i know that if i stay he wont

stop because there is no  real consequences.. just him getting out the house for a couple of days and him being sorry.




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2 Responses Feb 8, 2010

I'm sad for u,I know how feel. Please forgive and leave!!

Help yourself and end it or you will be walked over your whole life.You need some self esteem and to put him out of your life for good.