I Get So Much Crap For It!

Seriously... all my friends make fun of me for liking them. I've liked them for three years and it's always been the same. Apparently, they're 'emo' and 'total sell-outs' and 'immature.'

But I can't help it - I'm completely obssessed with them!! I have all theire albums, all their b-sides, and all their bootlegs. I can dance the entire 'Helena' video. I saw them in concert and it was one of the best nights of my life. I think they're inspiring and adorable and talented and so much more. And honestly, I couldn't care less about what other people think of them! I've never hid the fact that I like them, which some of my friends definitely do.

It breaks my heart that music has become such a hierarchal & elitist thing - and that some of us are looked down upon just because we have different tastes. It sucks. It makes people feel like they have to change themselves in order to be liked by the world, and that is definitely the lastlast thing we want.

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DUDE "easy peasy pumpkin peasy, pumpkin pie ************" Dude, right firstly we're MCRmy. Gerard Mikey Frank and Ray should give us the strength not to care what other people think. My friends dont like them either, but i brush that aside because quite Frankly i dont care.<br />
i have all four albums, b-sides, covers, lives, attic demos, and even 2 scarped songs,i have t-shirts, Kobra Kid scarf, Leathermouth CD, pencey prep, live DVD's and about a million posters. I am obsessed, i love them as they helped me in a way. Even Ray Toro tweeted me. I mean how cool.Even though your freaks may not like you for it.... i love you and you dont even know me.<br />
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As Gerard Way once said. "keep it beautiful and stay ugly" <br />
Stay shiney xD

just as an update on this, no matter what music you listen to you STILL get a bunch of crap for it....im currently also obsessed with Kpop [korean] like Big Bang, SHINee, Super Junior,SNSD etc etc....and all i get is crap about people saying that i should listen to english music and not sell out by supporting other countries industries...but like wtf!...if this is true, then over here in England, we shouldn't like any american bands, so silly. but yeh, seems like no matter what, people have the criticisms on everything! <br />
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XxxxxxxxX just a random comment :P

At least you get comments from them. When I tell them of the band they are like, " Whose that?". I asked many people if they know who they are and they always say no, but when they find out who they are they also give me a load of crap. I hate how people judge them so quickly when they haven't even heard one song from them or they base them on their looks. But anways, I'm glad to know that others know what music is.

Hey yeah i get the same crap too from quite alot of people,even the ones who dont know me, i ahve all there albums,songs and the live dvd,bin to concert (also best day of my life-even tho i got drenched in beer.) and i got the books and gerards comic. anyways i just make a point of singing there songs and talking inseccently bout them blurting out random facts haha its funny coz no matter what they say i just become more and more unconcerened by it so ot many people bother (altho i do get the odd underlting sarcastic comment)<br />
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and as for the elitist thing i think that the bands must be good especially if they are headliners...so anyway i love them and thats why i started this group and nothing anyone says will change my mind. XxxXxxXxxX<br />
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p.s sorry bout the essay long comment. XxxXxxX

Don't worry! I get the same crap you do. "Oh you like MY CHEM? EWW!!!" I've listened to My Chemical Romance since Three Cheers came out (before Helena got radio play, I must admit, it was I'm Not Okay that hooked me :-D). I thought they were brilliant then, I think they're brilliant now. <br />
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I hate that music is so elitist too. Can't we all just ignore what everyone else listens to and be happy with what we do? <br />
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Either way: My Chemical Romance ROCKS! And I don't care who knows it! ;-)