Why They Are the Most Inspiring Band In My Life Right Now!

Totally obsessed with them........i can't help it its like they speak to me so much, like they are always there to help me, in my eyes they are talented musicians and an inspiration to people across the world. I dont care is people dislike them and label them emo because at the end of the day it doesn't chane them or make them worse in a way it just makes them more determined to fight back.

These guys are like the only 5 guys in the world that i feel truly understand me and i think they are definatley gniouses when it comes to music. The style of their music been dark but still knd of pop and the amount of different layers in the songs, take welcome to the black parade for example that song has like way over 10 layers to it!!!!

I also admire how they got here, travelling round in their van from tour to tour was amazing, i also think the whole way that gerard and the rest of the bad were upfront about their problems and not trying to hide anyhting or be something there not is exceptional for a band.

And that concludes my essay on why i think mc really are the most inspiraitional band in my life right now. 

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Rock On MCR!