Missing Them :(

i am a huge fan of mychem! and i have always loved they're music! i went to see them in newcastle and i had red hair just like gerard's at the time and i just felt so awesome! but lately i haven't been listening to their music as much and even though you can't see the walls in my house cause of all their posters, i just feel like i'm really distant from them and their music at the moment :( i have to start listening to more of them again! that's gonna be my new mission! :P
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2 Responses Sep 15, 2012

Well, they aren't coming out with any music anymore! *cries*. Funny story, I was about 10 when My Chem came into my town around 2002. My cousin took me to their first concert in my city. I remember sitting on my cousins shoulders watching Gerard bounce around the stage. Been a fan ever since.

Nothing wrong with that! I mean, can they really expect us to still be listening to them 2 years after their last album release? I miss them too and can't wait for Conventional Weapons and whatever they do next ^_^ When's the last time you saw them?

Think it was last February :D it was just so awesome!