How I Stay "Me"

people are always surprised to discover my love for mcr - i suppose its because i look absolutely nothing like a fan - no offence to anyone. but its how i cope with the bad bits of life - by listening to their music. i couldn't live without it now. i love the lyrics, the energy, the emotion, the way i feel like they're here with me when i feel like crap.

most, if not all, of my friends think they're just this death emo band, and that the music makes me depressed - but it's just the opposite! i can let go of my anger and hate, and calm down to a normal level this way. mcr has never failed to lift me up again on a bad day.

i'm so envious of everyone who's been to an mcr concert. i've never been to any concert at all - it's my ambition to go before i turn 25. i hope nothing happens to them before then! wish me luck...

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Good on you scaredallthetime embrace your inner MCR.I'm 45 and love them as much as the Beatles or Led Zeppelin, The Doors or Green Day.Gerard Way is carrismatic and the guys play with such energy and passion.I love them.

OMG Danger Days ROCKS! <br />
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I totally understand what you write. I am some old, fat 50-some yo woman who just loves MCR (and Dead Weather and Muse and whatever....)<br />
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Just scored MCR tickets for April and I am sooooo geeked. I passed on them in 2008 for their Black Parade tour (because felt too old and dumpy) and just passed on seeing Dead Weather in April, 2010 for the same reason...old, dumpy and why should I be at a concert like that?<br />
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I'm trying to give that up....all that negative self image. I started with buying the tickets today....if I can get up the courage to go then I will feel doubled lucky.

i totally agree!!!!!! mcr doesnt make you depressed, it takes the saddness and anger away!!!!!! i recently pent two hours listening to im not okay after a bad day at school, and by the end, i started cracking up!!!then mum came in and she was all like "get off the computer, youve been on there forever!" . so i went and listened to it on my ipod!!!!!! lol!!!

Truly ingenious, they are...amazing...I've yet to see the video for Teenagers, as the song was only recently released here in Aus. I love that they're releasing more music here, and getting their stuff to a wider audience!

YES! spreading the black mcr love...heheheh... :p

Going to check them out... I'm a music freak... thanks

Hey good luck !!! and im jealous too ive never been to see mcr but i really wanna...the next time they come to the uk im definatley goin even if i have to lose my job to go i will!!!! i know xactly what you mean about how mcr seem like they are there with you when you listen to them and that they really do pick you up when your down......alot of my friends don't like mcr becuase they say they are some mainstream emo/death rock band that used to be good but then went emo!!!<br />
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but thats not true because their lyrics are genious and really meaningful and its just the stupid critics that have labelled them 'EMO' to me there not emo or anything they are just My Chemical Romance and i respect them so much for all the constant touring and **** they have gone through to get what they wanted to achive and they have helped so many people along the way!!! I Respect My Chemical Romance and i feel everyone should be able to understand that even if they dont like their music.<br />
love laura xxxx