They have to agree..there lyrics just speak to me and gerard way is such a great performer on stage aswell hes so cool. The band have come so far that its unbelievable...i am so obsessed with them there just amazing..i hve all 3 albums and love em all. There latest album is unbelievable as soon as heard it, it just blew me away i was like "omg this is f**kin amazing" there all so talented at what they do.


i dont like how people have started to slate them just because they have bcome mainstream..if u were  a true fan u would be impressed at how far they have come. So if ur gonna slate em then go ahed i dnt think they really care.. The Black Parade..Two Choices...You Love Em ... Or ... You Hate Em.. there is no between.

Do u love em or hate em..i wanna hear your views about my chemical romance !!!!! THEY ROCK!!!!

EDIT: 12/02/11

How are you all liking the new album ????? :D :D :D :D Im so happy they are back, it's been 4 years since the BP album so im sooo happy they have returned... is any1 going to see them in concert?? .. lucky u, if you are.... I couldn't afford it since im a poor student with house billls, food shopping, petrol, insurance .. etc. to pay for.... but I am def going the next time they come around, even if I have to borrow the money from sum1 to go hahaha :D.

Annnnyyyyyyyyyyway, yeh, lemme know what you all think on the new album.... lets keep this topic alive! hahaha.

oh and Gerard's red hair = sexy :D . haha. I <3 red hair. My other favorite artist has red/orange hair at the moment too so im like -droooools- .. plus, I have red hair too so its all good. :P. XxX Random rambling sorry.. its late/early haha. nite nite/morning/afternoon/evening to you all :D

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Gerard and the boys are awesome.He is very sexy with his red hair singing Bullet Proof Heart ! My favourite.

LOL...Way is no longer blond...he's a redhead now which was alluded to in the "Spin" intereview a few months ago went better with the "Danger Days" personae.<br />
<br />
Either way, i love how he encapsulates live within music.

duude my chemical romance is liike my f**ckin saviorr!

i love mcr

i love gerard way

Yeah i know exactly wht you mean..i like gerards hair short but i dnt mind what colour they both suite him so well...hes lucky...and not to mention i love him so i would like his hair lol btu yeah it def looks awesome.....i agree they aren't a band to make money they are here solely to make difference and play their music!!!!! i love them !!!!

The Blonder the Better!!!!!!!!! He's so HOT as a blonde!!!! What I love about them is that they get SO into their music like it's a part of them and they don't want to be changed. (Exept their hair color)

im so jelous lol...i wanted to go but i cant get there because my sis had the car and i live in leeds and have alredy played reding but i didnt know about it then!!! oh wel i will ahve to suffer!!! ur rite gee's hair is nicest short..i prefer it black but im loving the blonde too hehe !!! thanx 4 the comment and ur opinion !!!