I Think My Chihuahua Has Either Broke Or Cracked A Rib

I don't know if anybody else's chihuahua does this, but mine loves to lay under blankets, well she was laying under a blanket on my boyfriends lap and our other dog which weighs about 60lbs also wanted to lay on his lap, so she stepped on the blanket and accidentally stepped on our chihuahua and made her yelp, well ever since then she hasn't been acting right, she is walking, eating, but sometimes she may cry out, I have felt all over her and when you touch around places she doesn't yelp.she normally rolls right over so you can rub her belly cause she loves her belly rubs but it takes her a few mins to roll over and She acts like she is scared to death of everything and that is not like her, she is the first one to bark at everything to inform us that something or something is near. I'm gonna make her a vet appointment to get her checked out, but until then is there anything I can do to make her more comfy??
msmits3117 msmits3117
26-30, F
Jun 9, 2011