Who Would Have Thought

We have labs...we are down to one 5 year old epileptic dog named jack. Has to have meds every 12 hours and all activities are planned around this schedule.

I am a nurse who works in rehab facility...one nurse took the puppy home on a Thursday and brought it back Friday morning because her boyfriend said no way in hell....so here is this 1.8 pound, fawn colored, white trim, chihuahua with no home because the coworker the nurse was trying to return it to wasn't scheduled to work that day...activities department keeps track of the 8 week old puppy during the day..sharing it with patients And allowing a napping ares...

I call my husband and let him know there is a homeless dog...I don't want to keep her...I just want to provide her a home for the weekend..he said that was fine but we both agreed NO MORE DOGS...I agreed

So, over the weekend I refused to give her a name..not my dog.

To make a very long story as short a possible..CHI CHI is the love of my life. I am now a little dog person who talks baby talk, buys from pinkoholic, and jack has found new life in a puppy who crawls all over him and sleeps on his head
Chichisfam Chichisfam
36-40, F
Jun 7, 2012