Random Surprises

I made PBJ sandwiches, packed chips, beef jerky, Cheezits, Ritz crackers, sliced pears, apples, baby carrots, and a banana. I brought yogurts, Capri Suns, 2 slices of cheese cake (my son's favorite).

On a blank peice of blank paper, I drew out a picnic basket, a mat and three stick figures meant to be me, son, and daughter. I wrote in large black ink "Picnic at the Park."

I left a sticky note on my son's car seat that said "Look in the trunk."

I placed a folded blanket in the trunk of the car. I placed the picture on top of the blanket and the packed food next to them.

It was now time to implement the "random act of surprises". I went to pick up my son from his school. He saw the note on his seat. He gave me a big grin. He read it out loud then ran to the trunk. I popped open the trunk for him.

He picked up the paper and slowly sounded out the words. As soon as he comprehended its meaning, I saw him jump into the air with delight, "yessssss!"

It was a beautiful day in Northern California for a picnic. We watched the ducks swam in the pond as we ate.

I enjoy randomly surprising my kids. This can also be done for a romantic date....It is all up to your imagination.
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2 Responses Jan 31, 2013

I'm happy to share. Yes, a little thought and plan can go a long way.

Great inspiration! Thanks for sharing the idea. Your special event was made all the more special by adding the element of surprise with the extra thoughtfulness you put in to planning it. I am a primary school teacher, and this little story has given me a lot to think about today.