My Child

Can't imagine my life without her

Gives me my reason for getting up in the morning

Gives me my home

Is my measure of me as a person 

Keeps me focused

I love her

Tgilly Tgilly
51-55, F
9 Responses Mar 10, 2010

Wonderful story, stating so much in such few words. :)

Thank you.

yeah..nice story Tgilly*

Heart warming story. Paco35:)

My little one has justed turned 15, she'll always be my LITTLE ONE. I have 3 foster children in my care as well, they are 6, 8 and 9. The whole 4 of them keep me on my toes!! Mothers always need a break, so if you know some, offer your services, you'll have fun. : )

LOL- I'd take you up on it...I'm thinking --Maybe I should offer to be available to young mothers who need a break---keep your little one for a couple of hours...they have to be potty trained though--no more diapers for me thank you---three generations of diapers is enough already. :)

I'd loan you mine if i could stuff her thru the wires, ,: )

I miss having a little one--mine are all grown---even the grandkids are mostly grown up now.<br />
I did baby sit one of my greats for a while-- but her mom is a stay at home mom now....I do keep one of the small ones - who is related by marriage-- she's three and we really enjoy each other--but only now and then do I have her...I'm getting too slow to keep up with an older child now---the little ones are easy to entertain and make happy.

Yes Tgilly they do