Josh And The Christmas Program

The Christmas program was planned and the kindergarten was practicing their song. This year the theme was an international Christmas. Since this was Josh's first Christmas progam, he took to learning his song with much serious effort. It was just about a week before the performance and Josh was singing with gusto around the house.I asked Josh what was he singing. He answered that he was practicing his song. So, he began to open up and sing "Felix, the naughty duck, Felix, the naughty duck, I want to wish you a Merrry Christmas. I want to wish you a Merry Chirstmas." He, then,  turned to me and asked in the most direct way. "What has a naughty duck have to do with Christmas?"  To make a long story short, the song he was trying to learn was Feliz Navidad," Being  the concerned grandmother I am, I explained to him that the song he was singing is in another language and it was not about  Felix the naughty duck, but about wishing people a Merry Christmas. We then proceeded to learn the correct words and the world braced itself for his singing debut.
slady47 slady47
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Aug 1, 2010