Thoughtfull Kid

well today my mate was getting his hair cut not much there thou but he still likes to get a trim. my grandson was over today Little Joey well he watched and when the hair cut was done  all of a sudden he jumped up and got the vacuum and stared cleaning the floor, my sisterinlaw who did the hair cut  thanked him and was so proud that he cleaned the whole thing the right way( His mother must of taught him) he just said to her well you were nice to my grandpa so I'm nice to you too. loll they way he said it i cant write it out that way I am not a writer but it was cute for a 4 year old to say usually they don't care about those things but glad he does his mom is working on him  but then he has been always close to his papa
GrannyGumps GrannyGumps
51-55, F
Jul 7, 2007