My little one, three years old now, just climbing into my arms for a few minutes of mommy time. She then grabbed her favorite pillow (mine) and put it on my chest and said "you are my bed" then snuggled into me. She's just so 'huggable' these days and I'm not giving it up. I tell her 'you fit so well in my arms' and she replies with 'I love you bed' LOL. Silly little girls with silly little games make for lots of smiles for mommy.

She is half watching TV and stopping to make me 'dinner' which she instructs me on how to eat. A little plastic plate filled with plastic corn, watermelon, a chocolate chip cookie and a chicken. Oh and I get to eat it with a giant slotted spoon as she mixes up my drink. Her high pitched singing is the best as she be-bops around the house. These are wonderful years and I treasure them.

As for the little man... he's building a lego city and in his own happy world. Very creative children and I'm so grateful!
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Oh so not young... hitting 40 this year! Whoa did I just say that?

Wonderful young mommy that you are. You 've realized ...time can be so fleeting...Enjoy, enjoy enjoy!!!