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I am the mother of three amazing children. They are all incredible in their own way. I wanted to share a funny story about my youngest daughter with you today.

Her name is Chloe and she is seven years old. She has a wonderful vocabulary, enjoys reading "Junie B. Jones" Chapter books and playing "Club Pengun" on her laptop, swimming and riding her "iCarly" Bike. (Just to share some of her vitals with you.)

The other day she asked permission to go to the store with a friend (who is also a neighbor) and the little girls, DiDi's, grandmother. After granting permission and asking about how much money she might need, I gave her a ten dollar bill and told her to put it in her pocket for safekeeping.

After a short conversation with the Grandmother discussing the details, off they went to the store.

They were gone for about an hour and when they returned, my daughter bursts into the house, clutching a small "Walmart" bag. She was so excited as she begun emptying her bag of treasures on the table in front of me. Several (one of them naked) Bratz dolls and a lone"Rugrats"  VHS cassette tumbled out.

I noticed immediately that although everything appeared clean and unbroken, nothing was boxed and none of her newly purchased booty appeared to actually be "new".

She then proceeded to tell me about this fabulous new store where everything was much cheaper than where we normally shopped. She was able to buy 3 Bratz dolls, the video and...she had change left over! It was, in her eyes, a miracle!! She couldn't remember the name of the store, but she would be sure to ask DiDi's grandmother the next time she saw her.

I realized then, as my daughter proudly,emptied her pocket of the change she was carrying, she had been to the "GoodWill" and did not know or care that her new stuff, was not truly "New" was new to her. Indeed.~

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I have often wondered what tales the steamer trunk could tell, if it could talk. <br />
<br />
Where has it traveled in 100+ years, what has it carried within? I have even thought about writing a series of short stories, incorporating the trunk and it's contents in each one. My imagination goes crazy when I contemplate the many different directions one could take this story. I bet we could create a wonderful book using the steamer trunk as inspiration.

Aww, thank you , sugar. I love stuff like that. I found this wonderful, old steamer trunk about 10 years ago.I cant find out very much about it, it has some water damage near the bottom. The interior is in pretty good shape and I was able to discover the trunk itself is well over 100 years old. It is one of my most prized possessions other than my kids pics and their gifts.

We have been once had to give me the 25 cent tour herself. We found some really old, very cool books and a little scalloped shelf that we are going to paint and put up in Chloes bedroom. She found a few more Bratz dolls. My older daughter managed to find an awsome beaded purse. She will probably never use it, but she seems to collect has tons!

I love it. I hate to admit it but when I find great stuff there I act much in the same way Chloe did. You will see me wide eyed as I tell you I only paid $2.00 for that leather jacket you are admiring or 50 cents for that nice print on my wall. I love Thrift stores. I hope you and Chloe are able to shop there together in the future.

lol...yes, I would not be surprised by that one bit, but it was lovely to see her so delighted and thankful about her "discovery". I don't think my older cjildren would be dead set against buying something at a thrift store, they pride themselves on being, "unique" and "different".<br />
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My husband has been referring to me as "eccentric" for so long that they consider it to be a tremendous compliment....lmao...

I used to live near Portobello Market in West London until I came here to Ireland. It's full of stands selling second hand and vintage clothing and I used to love it. You could get some great and very unusual bargains there and I really miss it. Interestingly, the whole second-hand/thrift culture is more or less non-existent here in Ireland. It's becoming more popular now because the recession is hitting hard here ... but otherwise the Irish are not interested in something second hand at all. I think it relates back to their history with extreme poverty and a desire to have everything new. They see no value in vintage items - either furniture or clothing. Personally, I love it and the few antique or vintage stores which do exist here are treasure caves as far as I'm concerned. <br />
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It's great that your little girl was so innocently delighted with her purchases ... good for her ... and hopefully it will give her a taste for a bargain in the future!<br />
<br />
My teenager will not set foot in a second-hand shop by the way ... so be prepared for the innocent joy to pass by ... probably to return a little later when she realises that vintage clothes are really cool after all!! Such are the idiosyncrasies of teenage taste and fashion!

Thank you so much, Ironman. You are always so supportive, my friend. I appreciate that more than you know. I'm glad you enjoyed the story, sweetness.

Gracias, celticroots. I hope she retains her appreciation into her teenage Thank you!

:) I know this means a lot to you! COOL!

Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Yvonne. = )

Lovely story. We usually buy used goods and love to find a bargain. Your money goes so much further then, and so do the earth's resources. <br />
<br />
Well done on raising a child with a sense of gratitude and a broad sense of value.

The Biggest Treasure..Is having a Mum like me all emotional reading that...lots of hugs <br />
So Sweet...x :)

That's a wonderful idea, FKA. It's true that you can find some great treasures at thrift stores. My older children have been with me while donating to shelters for a few years now. Clothes, Coats, toys, food, electronics, they are NOT unfamiliar with "thrifting", he just wanted to rain on her parade,

Maybe you could plan a trip back, with your son as well. When I was 19 (and already quite "eccentric") I found my favorite dress jacket at my local Salvation Army. I wear it as often as possible: a circa late 60's red dinner jacket with gold thread in the design of vines with birds and green leaves and purple & yellow fruit embroidered on it. I have found many music treasures that I never would have paid full price for, but have since come to love: C + C Music Factory, Oasis, Desert City, Northsound and many more, so maybe he could find something too. I also find many book treasures: like a 4 (very large) volume set of Annotated Sherlock Holmes stories, and an engineering book on space ordinance, small print runs and probably never to be published again. And as with music, authors I would not have originally paid full price for, but now anticipate each new release. Plus, if I remember correctly, your eldest daughter is 12? Is the "vintage clothing" fad still going? I'm sure there would be something she could find that none of her friends will have come next semester. What treasures may await all three? There's only one way to find out...

She was a bit afraid to learn, and never did have much in the way of balance/strength, I suppose. When she gets older, I am making it my personal mission that she learn how to drive a stick shift; maybe I'm a glutton for punishment, On that note, I wonder what kind of teenager she'll be. <br />
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We used to have VHS tapes and stuff, but after our house burned down in '01 we never did have as many (I lost my much watched copies of Apocalypse Now and Forrest Gump) tapes. The VCR broke at some point and was never replaced, since my Playstation 2 played DVDs. You're right about the Disney movies though. There's a whole generation of kids growing up without them because they're too greedy to sell them; I bet this plan will backfire as people will simply cease caring about them.

Aww, Are you serious? Was she afraid to learn or was there just no one to teach her? Wow. I bet she is loving it now that she learned. = )<br />
<br />
Yes, she knows what they are because I have been buying DISNEY and childrens vids since before we ever had children, so we have several VHS cassettes that my hub has transferred to DVD, so that she can watch them in her room. We have several VHS films that Disney has discontinued, but of course, they will re-introduce them when they feel they can make tons more money off of releasing them again.<br />
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We only have one VCR (it's a dinosaur) and we keep it in the family room downstairs. = )

Lol, a VHS cassette? I'm surprised she knows what those are. On a more amusing note, did I ever tell you that my little sister, at nearly 12 years old, just now learned how to ride a bike?

lol...Thank you, Merily. She was telling my son about it, and he almost let the proverbial cat out of the bag, but I gave him "The Look"...(you know the one I mean)..."If you say it, I'll cut you into tiny pieces and feed you to the dog." <br />
<br />
I don't care if she finds out what kind of store it is, but I do not want him to make her feel less enthusiastic about shopping there.<br />
<br />
I love the way young children view the world. We could all benefit from being a little more positive and trying to see the glass half full for a change. <br />
<br />
My children teach me things almost on a daily basis.<br />
<br />
Thanks again for your kind words, Merily. I appreciate them so much.