Nothing More Deep Than A Mothers Love ( Letter To My Children)

Before you were in my belly I wanted you, the moment I found out I’m pregnant I fell in love with you, before you were born I would give my life for you. I couldn’t wait to feel your first kick.. When I felt it I kept my hands on my belly waiting for more , it reminded me I‘m not alone... When you wouldn’t move for a while I would wake you up to feel you move to make sure you were ok. The moment you were born into the world was a new thought of God, and I was born as well. When I first saw your face I was never the same.. I never dreamed you’d so beautiful.. In all of the times I tried to imagine. I promised you I’ll protect you and give you unconditional love as long as I live. I breastfed you, I woke up at night to check on you just to make sure you are breathing. You always came first and everything else second. We bonded so much that you wouldn’t let me put you down for nothing and I held you all day and you slept on my chest all night. You felt secure in my arms, smiling in your sleep so peaceful. My love for you grows by giving.. I couldn’t get enough of you. I stared at your beautiful face for hours, kissing your chubby chicks, little hands, and your twinkle toes J . You pulled my hair in the morning to wake me up, I looked at you and your beautiful eyes full of sparkle and joy were looking at me, then you gave me the sweetest toothless smile J “ good morning mommy“. You were growing so fast I enjoyed every second being with you.. You filled a whole in my heart I didn’t know it was there. My future is worth living for. My heart is a deep abyss at the bottom of which I will always find forgiveness. . Hope you’ll love me as much as I do.

Love you Forever
Your Mom
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3 Responses Mar 28, 2011

What a beautyfull note i wish my mom would have felt the same way but she had drug ans alkohall problems so she couldent give me all the love and afection that you give youre kids if i were them i would be more then proud to tell everyone thats my mom

Sorry :-( mine didnt give me love either she left me but that made me the mother i am today.

Thank you MasterSquid for the beautiful comment :)

Beautiful and well written.<br />
I believe that your children will love you because of who you are. The tenderness, love guidence life lessons anf forgiveness you share with them... for all of your efforts aforded them by you to provide the skills, freedom, nuturing and emotional support they will need to become who they chose to be :)