My Child Teaches Me

There are a few things you should know: 1) I am a young mom. I got "knocked up" when I was 17 and had my baby when I was 18. 2) My family is very religious. Obviously, this clashed greatly with my young pregnancy. 3) "Baby Daddy" was physically abusive, abused drugs, and abused alcohol.

When I got pregnant It was quite the scandal. Girls like me, at my high school, didn't get pregnant. I took advanced placement classes, I was the vice president of my speech and debate team, and I was a good student over all. When I was 17 I got pregnant by this horrible guy. At the time I was quite convinced that I was deeply in love with him. However, when I found out that I was pregnant I rethought my life. I realized that I was willing to put up with that guys abusive ways but, was I really about to make this tiny, innocent child endure it too? I decide against letting my father stay in our lives. He didn't fight to be there for us either. That was hard at first. Yes, I realized this was best for my child but, I "loved" this boy.

That was the First lesson that London had taught me, and at the time she was just a fetus. London taught me to think about somebody else (which is a very difficult lesson for a teenager.) Along the way, though, London has taught me so much more. She has taught me about what real love is like and to be patient. When she drives me absolutely crazy all day but then wants me to hold her and sing I learn to appreciate the little things more. London is a year old now, and despite how much she has learned over this past year, I still think I have learned way more from her.
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your so right baby's don't come with instruction manuals so its hit and miss but you do get there in end.And they are great but they do grow up to quick so make most of time you have!

She is lucky to have a strong mom like you. You will learn a lot from each other. Make sure you teach her by example. I would say good luck, but it sounds like you've got this.