My Life

I have three little boys and one little girl. My oldest boy is 10. He is almost as tall as me and he looks great in glasses (even though he hates them.) He is so very smart, but all he thinks about is the little girls. He's my little Don Juan. My second boy is 8. I think he is gonna be short like his daddy. He is the spitting image of his daddy in every way. He is very smart and loves working on anything that is mechanical. My youngest boy is 7. He is very spoiled. His brothers and sister spoil him worse than I do. He does very good in school and he likes to read. My daughter is 10. She is not biologicly mine but I dont care, she is still my baby girl. She's smart as a whip, red headed and has the temper to prove it. We butt heads constantly, but it only makes us closer. I ask God everyday to keep my babies safe. Without them, my life would not exist. They are my life.
silvertears silvertears
31-35, F
Jul 25, 2007