Computer Love

My computer contains my life.

Not just emails, but photos, my private journal and of course documents.

If it were stolen, I would feel violated.

felicita felicita
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5 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Waiwera thanks for your comment.<br />
I don't use call waiting.<br />
Broadband is great.<br />
I am just about to go WIFI.<br />
This new technology is wonderful

It happened over a couple of days once that I couldn't get online - and I phoned both the Internet Service Provider and the phone company to see what was wrong. They both said they couldn't find anything wrong; so I decided to take the advice I was given and sign on for broadband. Then I discovered that "call waiting" - which I have never used - had somehow turned itself on, and was the problem!<br />
Too late! I had a broadband contract for 2 years!

jacobite2 Thanks so much for your lovely comment.<br />
Yesterday, I was unable to get online. Panic!

dont you dare misplace your computer, I have only just met you and want to get to know you better, put a padlock round it :0)

Yes , computer has brought me here and I have found some dear friends as you . Thank you to help me and visit, compliment on stories. Still learning english, so it is nice to get help ..<br />
My hummers have 2 new babies ,, so cute . Now I have so many lovely hummers need to change feeders every 4 days . Love too tho .. My kid's .. visit soon ((HUGS))