Loved By Outsiders, Hated By Its Own People

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I have a little story i would like to share with you all
I live in a pretty big country(geographically) in asia, I'm only a teenager but i've seen a lot of things happening in my country. For more than a decades our financial crisis has been going on and on until now it just gets worse and worse. We used yo have a pretty great life but about a decade ago we uncovered a huge corruption done by the government after a huge riot. Us dollars were ten times as expensive after that, almost everyone was dragged by poverty, and it gets worse not only the debt is as high as the sky, there were countless rapes, robberies, murder, and pretty much everything else. We also uncovered that one of our biggest islands which is also one of the biggest gold mines in the world was rented by the government, and oil sources throughout the country(we've got a whole bunch of them) were also rented to other countries as well(pretty much all of them). The people lost their trust to the government, they feel shame when they see our flag. It was so sad, and disappointing.

Until now that tragedy kept haunting us. The native people hates the Chinese ethnic and the other way around(most of the rapes were done to Chinese ethnic woman and most of the governments friends were Chinese as well. So who could blame them? And Troubles just keeps coming in. Hardly any one of our politicians are actually qualified, once they were on tv 75% of them skipped meetings, most of the others attending the meeting were sleeping. Once my tour guide told me that he was taking a group of politicians to France for a bilateral meeting discussing a few programs, all the questions they asked had nothing to do with the meeting, then at night the woman would dress up in mini skirts, latex boots and smoke in front of a bar and the guys would get themselves drunk. And they only cared about their vacation.

Recently we had a really big fraud bank that managed to take away 60 million us dollars, then the government building(that still looks so good) was renovated, The cars that was supposed to be government property was not returned by some of the politicians, but surprisingly they decided to get a bunch of new and expensive cars that cost about 60.000 us dollars, Then even more recently they uncovered that about 20 police generals had a suspicious smell on it but the police didn't want to uncover their names(probably because they had high ranks) even though the law clearly states that anyone with a potential to cost the country great losses must be uncovered to the public. And as if that wasn't bad enough, the government tried to distract us with a recent celebrity scandal which is NOT important at all(it managed to be on the front page of every newspaper.)

To top it all of we have racial, cultural discrimination, no nationalism, and excessive consumerism yaay~~~~ Only the natives with a certain religion would be able to achieve high ranks in the government, while there were so many others much more capable. A lot of our people were low on education a lot of them doesn't even have a decent school building, rain comes,school goes that is how bad the condition is, sure we've got a few good schools but compared to the bad ones they're nothing. what if those money used by the government were used to these kind of things? surely the crisis would end. The rich thinks having a lot of imported stuff is all great and all that. There were malls everywhere, they made the streets so crowded it made walking ten times faster than a car.

A few great people has arise but survival chance is very low, since if you wouldn't comply they would pay to drag you down. I dream of fixing this country, i wanted to tell my friends that we need to stop hating our country and stop the cycle, someone has got to say "Stop!" because if it keeps going like this how could we ever move forward? Unfortunately i never had the courage to do so. I've got a friend like me too we like discussing these kind of stuff, we managed to come up with great ideas and philosophies but it just stays there since none of us had the gut to do so, because 98% of the school students had no love for their country and if we try people would think we are hypocrites and just trying to impress the teachers.

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Ironically tourist loves it so much here and some of them are even better in understanding our culture than any of us