My Beloved

my beloved, with all my love and respect that I feel for you, I say, the friendship that I offer is sincere,... my friends of more time know,.. .you are special for me, there are a number more... they are human beings that I have blessed to have her invaluable friendship by others because each brings to my life a bit of essence..., Egypt lives for the love of his friends, who I am is part of their lives and I have the privilege to be able to really feel... never imagine to be able to love someone whom I have not seen except some in my skype... but I love them with the same force as if physically, knew them... never thought that without touching them with my hands, without seeing them and so far could love them with the strength that I feel for every one..., you are a gift from God to me shipping to heal my wounds, I come to this page very hurt and I went rest aurandome with the sincerity of the love of every one of these my friends, I have again to trust to believe,.. .no I have nothing nasty for none maybe some disagreements but that doesn't mean that it is something harmful on the contrary I have learned to appreciate them more I've learned to see with the eyes of my soul and I can tell you without fear of making mistakes like that I have the best friends in the world and you among them equally valuable for my.. .the feel with my heart, and I love them as never had loved... is a different love because there is no interest either in material way only interest that brings the satisfaction of having someone who is not going to criticize... on the contrary in moments of need mood are there to extend their arms and hold me with your words that encourage me to move forward... and that not bought with money my friend, this is pure love, clean, rather than that of a true friendship. love my friend toast to you and to those who have come is product of God's love in their hearts and who generously stocked in my... Welcome to my life I hope that we can build us mutually and it has my sincere friendship Egypt
sayedhadhood sayedhadhood
61-65, M
Jan 20, 2013