I Will Love You, Forever And Always!

Well I am deffinitly in love with my cousin. He is my best friend, in the whole world. Yes this cousin I'm talking about is my first cousin, he is my dads sisters son, but I don't see him as part of my family because he and I are so close. I started noticing my feelings for him when I was really young like 3. I'm 17 years old now and he is 21. Let's call him Andy. Andy and I grope up together when we were young we would team up together agaisnt our brothers it didn't matter what we were playing Andy and me were inseprubul. Andy and I have flirted a number of te even gotten jealous a couple times. Once I got jealous of this girls I had met on vaction with my family we were friends and she told me she liked my cousin Andy. She tolded not to tell anyone but I was andys friend before hers and plus I was jealous, so I told Andy but it didn't work out like I had hoped he ended up walking her home once but that was nothing. The first time I sleptover at andys house our parents wre going out to a show. I was around 12 and Andy was around 15 he had not had his birthday yet. Anyway I ended up sleping in his room and our brothers in a diferent room. We ended up telling eachother everything that night well exsept the fact that I was head or heels for him. What's weird with me loving him besides the fact that he is my cousin is that his mom my aunt is my role model she is ausome. Anyway besides the jealously thing he has deffentitly flirted with me before. Like the first time I went driving with him after he got his lisence a) he was a speed show off so I was have so much fun b) he was staring at me through the revue mioirr when I said what? He smiled and said I see you which made me smile. When I was13 and he was 17 our familys went to six flags together. Now I'm afraid of highs which Andy knew so he made me sit beside him and go on every ride i would scream to the top of my lungs which his sick sence of humor found most enjoy able. Then Andy and my dad desided to make me go on the fareswheel with them bad idea I was laugh and hypervetalating at the same time. Not fun. Now I'm a kinda person who does not like to be touched or huged what so ever. But I love it when he hugs me it's the best feeling in the world and it makes me feel safe. One Christmas when I was about 14 and he was 18 he huged me like 30 times. When I was15 I finally told someone how I felt and no it was not Andy it was another one of my cousins let's call her Kelly. Well she thought it was cute. That Christmas she met him. She was on her way and I had just gotten a new phone and was texting her then Andy askedif he could add himself so I passed him my phone while he was adding himself I got a text from Kelly saying I bet your all over Andy he was like hay this text has my name in it. I almost killed Kelly. Later that night after meeting him Kelly told me she could see why I liked him so much he is the nicest person I no. Then when I was 16 and he was 19 I deside to try something I hate sports but for some reson playing one on one with Andy while chating was not bad. I deside to tell Andy about this guy I had liked for about 5 years. He was my best friend let's call her Ellas brother. After telling him that I think he got a little jealous. Well I can't tell you everything but now I have one last thing. This year I was texting him out of the blue I had not talked to him in a long time and I missed him. So I asked him what had been going on he said he had just met the girl of his dreams. It broke my heart I mean sure I have heard him tell me about girls he liked before but I just got jealous at them. But this broke my heart but sence he could not see me I made it seem like I was happy for him even though I was crying. Then he thanked me for caring then without think I anwsered back of corse I care I love you. He did not text me back after that which made me cry more the next day I texted him asking him something pretending like noth had happened but he never texted back. So all i have left to say is...

I LOVE my best friend, my cousin and I always will forever and always!
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So I saw him this Christmas and we have now stated that we both love eachother but we dontt know where to go from there

So I talked to him again! But we are better off as friends for now! So we are now acting like nothing happened well except everytime I end a conversation with him I tell him I love him! Oh how I wish he would say it back!

thats so depressing, and i can understand where your feelings may have been going and how hard this must be on you. I hope that it will al be fine

Thankz we talked yesterday aboutt it sort of! He seems fine with it I just think that he does not feel the same way?

i wish u good luck <br />
and i hope every thing works out for u :D

I got a text back from him today saying he would like to talk to me about this face to face! So I will see how it goes from ther!

i'm sorry! but hey, it'll be fine! he's your cousin, you'll definitely see him again and yall will talk about the whole thing i bet (:

And to the other comment thankz for the advice um..... I'll think about haha!

No he still has not exted me back I have texted him a few times but nothing;,(

awe. the end was so sad :( have yall talked at all since the time you told him you loved him?