For Me He Is My Hubby

this happened when i went to my second grandfather's home, i went there for the first time ...and my cousin who came to recieve us ,met me for the first time.. after hvng dinner i went on the top of his house where ,he was standing alone...we talked for hours, morning at 3 o clock i was coming back to my home, i wanted to see him bt he was sleeping, i left a message on his phone..i rached at my house,we talked on phone , and he said m in luv with u, i also said the same....i cried that we'll never b together,bt he said we r togather,
than we planned to meet,i visited for the second  time to his home...n when we met, he hugged me so tight n whispered i missed u,..he took me to his room n we kissed eachother madly.......
in other's thought  we r cousins.,bt for me he is my hubby and for him m his wife,.. nobdy cn take this place our lives
suhanisharma suhanisharma
Jul 15, 2010