Dear Juliet (poem Of Cousin Love)

Dear Juliet,
every so often I hear your story mentioned, and every time that happens all I can think about is your unfortunate end. yet, now, when I sit down and truly let my mind wander, I see that though your love was short, it was true, and true love, my dear Juliet, is something not everyone comes by, let alone has the courage to pursue.
I have found my true love, my soul mate, my other half. oh Juliet, he is indeed wonderful, and kind, and handsome. but Juliet, it is forbidden!!! it is forbidden that we love each other!! how difficult it is to stand within feet of him and be forced to seem distant. how painful it is to feel this love and be forced to withhold it inside me. like a bird in a cage, like two magnets who so powerfully attract towards each other, yet are forced to hold back . dear Juliet, I fear the worst, I fear I have lost him and he has moved on. it breaks my heart to be apart from him. I hear his name and my heart skips a beat, I think of him and tears flow. what must I do Juliet?? what must I do? courage is something I tend to have too much of, but when I see him I cant move or talk. I love him, Juliet, I really do.
and next time I see him, I will be brave, I will tell him what I feel no matter what. because I have found true love, and I must now have the courage to follow my heart.

dear Juliet, I hope that wherever you are, your Romeo is with you. and hopefully, wherever I go, my Romeo will be with me.

with love,

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3 Responses Jul 16, 2010

:) Go.. tell him.. If you will not do it who else will do it for you.. ?? be ready for everything that might happen.. Be brave ok? if he's really meant for you.. fate will bring you together.. don't forget to ask God for his guidance! Please keep us updated.. :) God bless you!

Be brave! Let your heart fly!

have sex with him!