I Dont Know Why I Love Her................my Cousin....

Right now idk what to do because i love her but i dont want to.....so i dont want a comment saying "stay away from family" or "thats not right" because i know it is..its just that you dont know how hard it is to love someone who doesnt and cant love you back. OK so back to my story....so i met her at my great grandfather's funeral. Her and her mother just very recently married my uncle. I had never seen her before but when i did see her....something in me just was attracted. I didnt know i loved her though..i just know that whenever she is near i want to be with her and its so hard because i dont know WHY! I love her but at the same time i dont want to love her because we are cousins and because we have the same last name.....ok backtracking now.....i am hmong..i dont know if a lot of hmong people read this stuff but if you are hmong please tell me....its an asian culture and it means free...im not gonna give a history lesson though. Anyways...me and her have the same last name, and you know what the worst thing about that is? we cant date(well no **** but) in our culture even if you are not blood, but have the same last name, you cant date. I dont know why our culture was set up this way but to me it doesnt make sense. Anyways, its only been about 10 months close to a year that ive met her but i cant stop thinking about her.....i already told her my feelings and she told me she cant feel the same way which still doesnt answer my question because she never said if she did or did not. We have so much in common that it makes me love her even more. We used to text and talk so much to each other but after i told her she kind of set a line and limit to how much we talk lol.....its silly to me because i know that it wont work. I will always like her the way i do no matter what. I just wanted her to know that. But yea....ages are 16 and 17....shes older than me by 4 months. I'll give you a list of what we have in common, birthyear, last name, we are both independent, we both dress different than the way our same sex dresses lol (like aeropostle or some prepy ****), and we both know humility and we are both emotionally smart(we know our emotions and talk with sense/logic), and many more things. Ok thats pretty much it.....what i wanted was just advice on what to do to stop thinking about her( and yes i have a lot of gal friends and yes i do like them too its just that i dont feel love for them as i do for my cousin) or just your reaction to the story..thank you

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I say go for it, its not like you biologically related to her. Love is hard to find and she obviously loves you too because she would of said she didnt instead of saying she cant feel this way. Anyways you said you were hmong, you wouldn't happen to be from Detroit would you?