I Love Her So Much...but.

My cousin and I have talked about the bond we have for one another. She has even said "we're kindred spirits cuz"
I recently visited her for the weekend at her home down close to the coast. We had a wonderful weekend. Spent all day Saturday at the beach, just laying out, bodybourding and hunting for sea shells. Most of the time upon ending a phone conversation or saying goodnight, we say "I Love You" to one another...and I just love the way her voice sounds when she sais it me. I can literally feel my heart pounding harder with bliss! So anyway, I have found myself madly and deeply in love with my baby cousin who is ten years younger than me. I am now fourty.

The problem is, is that she has a boyfriend, but, I pick up little comments from her that make me think she has some of the same deep feelings for me as well. Like..."that's why you need me in your life" when we're talking about the kind of girlfriend I need or something like that.
And the tone of her "I Love You" to me just sounds soo sweet and tender. Or the way she comes up to me when we're with family and gently puts her arms around my neck and lays her cheek on my shoulder...and then of course with lovliness...I lean back into her.

Oh gosh just thinking about it makes my heart pound and my face tingle.

Soo, help me please...should I tell her that when I tell her I love her that what I really mean is..."I Love You deeply and I want to holf you in my arms and kiss your lips ever so gently"

I'm scared that she may not feel the same and I could loose her all together! What should I do?
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your not smothering her your being youslef and u need a woman who loves u for you and man i kinda smotherd my cuzy and i keeped blaming myslef then i said na i was being myslef and theres no other why that it could happen and what do u expect when your in love and dont feel bad man because time heals and that story of yours got to my soul man i have to thank u and iv already planed to tell my cuzy when i go over how i feel about her and no looking back !!!!!!

thats how i feel rite now with my cousin i wanna tell her how i feel but i dnt wanna smother her.

Well umm just an update to all. Thanks for the support that I got from you folks here, it kept me a float while I was trying to figure all this out. But um my cousin has made it very clear that i was smothering her and that I was not her boyfirend....soo, I'll go and have a good cry and that will be the end of that dream. So, umm, thanks again to everyone.

Well, I do have a bit of an update...not so bad I guess. We had another pretty heartfelt talk last night about some stuff. Just so you may see how I have treated her - I have showered her with allot of verbal affection and positive reinforcement. I felt her pull back a little bit and so I asked her how she felt when I told her she meant the world to me. Her response was well I was a little overwhealmed because I didn't know how to handle it and that she took a couple of steps back. As the conversation went on...she said...Just be my friend first and let's take one thing at a time. <br />
<br />
Keep in mind that I did not fully admit that I was in love with her...but by now she's gotta know how I feel.<br />
<br />
So, what do you make of that?

Awwww That would be sweet!!!! I do hope the best for you two and please keep us updated!!! THANK YOU!!!

Sue1954 - Thanks for the encouragement! I think we're planning another beach trip soon, and this time whe she hugs me...I'm going to embrace her tightly with a kiss to the cheek and tell her softly in her ear...how much I love her.

I must agree with the ladies...by the sound of the story She does feel the same....and As she give hints give hints back....as she gets closer to you like her putting her arm around your neck and rest her head on you embrace her hold her...put your arm around her....I do hope the best for you two and please do keep us inform!!!

Thanks for the encouragement on this. Here lately I have been throwing out hints left and right so a girl has gotta know when a guy is crazy about her. I recently wrote her a letter expsosing my feelings to her and to basically get it off my own chest and to really admit it to myself. I'm sitting on it as I would really rather tell her face to face....but boy am I scared to.

from the way you tell your story ...i think she does feel the same way ..so tell her ....if you make each other happy go 4 it ...we only have 1 life to live so make the most of it ....i have had 2 very bad relationships ...so if someone could make me happy ..my cousin ..or maybe ..another kind of distant relative i would go 4 it ..you may never know if your gonna see tomorrow .life has no guaranties....good luck

Well, I guess that is a possibilty. There was a time we were driving back to her apartment and I mentioned something like - you know I wish I could find a girl that was somewhere between this type and that type - and she said back - "that's why you need me in your life" and then kind of giggled it off. <br />
So, what does that mean? Maybe she has some feelings but is affraid to really let it out as I am.