Finally Gave In

This happened on July 31 2010
At first i remind her of our high school days
how i use to ignore her most of the time due to the fact everyone
in our family was watching us they told me not to be close to her.
Yet we would still text each other from time to time then we both
ended up in the same college different years i was in my 3rd year
and she was in her first year. we would go to school together
and go home at night together then one day i texted her "there
is something that i must tell you" and i told her how i felt about her
i finally gave in and i told her that i loved her She was shocked to know,
she giggled but when told her it felt like  my heart just dropped.
it was just me and her at the time and in my
head i keep say what have i done over and over. i was afraid
what would happened she asked me why did you put those
feelings in your mind i told her i had these feeling since high school
we just stared at each other for a good 8 Min's after that she slept in
the other room "we slept in the same room by the way" for the next 2 days
things felt awkward as if something had changed. Then on the 3rd day
something had changed again we started talking again and we
slept together and cuddled since every night was freezing but it
was great we were both happy for the next 3 weeks everything
was great until our auntie was admitted in the hospital 2 days ago
we were allowed to sleep in the same room with our auntie there
was not much room so we shared the small couch in the corner
i felt that our auntie knew that we were close,she saw us on the couch
cuddling but this has happened before she told me with my other cousin
she knew but she let us be she just smiled by the way she 18 I'm 19 but
our nephew who's 23 saw us sleeping together cuddling and today she
shy so she slept in the other room kinda feel lonely, gonna talk to
her about it in the morning. . . .

newts newts
18-21, M
Aug 10, 2010