Wedding Bells....<3

That's right my fellow cousin lovers....I will be marryin my cousin the LOVE OF MY LIFE!!! this year!!!!!!!! I'm soooooooooooooooooo excited! Our families are still getting use to the idea but they are accepting us more and more....Theres still some that freak out by the thought but we don't care CAUSE WE ARE TRULY IN LOVE!!! <3

So for those who fear to speak about their love for their cousin DON'T GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!!! its a rough road but its so worth it
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Never give up hope! True Love can not be Separated

hi guys. I am new. just wanted to say that i love my cousin too i wish we could be together like all of you.

@Tacgnol8.....Good Luck with your marriage and I hope the best for you and your bride to be!<br />
I agree with you! Some states ban Cousin Marriage which I feel is deeply wrong!!! There is nothing wrong with Cousin Love...I strongly believe on way or another ALL cousins felt something, or messed around with one another! some way or another just what I think....But yes I think that would be a good idea due the fact people do look down on us <br />
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@littlechakita101....NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!!! =)<br />
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I'm here for anyone who needs help....need to talk...vent....I will be more than happy to hear your stories and help the best I can =)<br />
Best Of Luck To ALL my Cousin LOvers!! <br />
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<3 SUE

we too will get married this year.<br />
I will join your site,I am thinking of having a little bit of activisim to change how people view cousin love.<br />
What do you think ?

I hope the best for you all....I have created a web site strictly for cousin lovers....Its still under the works, but I wanted to make a site were we can go and chat and hear other stories =) It's you are more than welcome to is still under the works tho =)<br />
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I hope the best for you All I truly do!! and thank you all for the kind words I'm super excited as the time comes closer!

I am 53 years old and have known my cousin, J (48years old), since childhood. However, we got to know each other differently after the end of my marriage (June, 2010) and we have fallen in love. It was a surprise to both of us. On her side of the family, her daughter and sister know. Though they think it is a bit weird, they have been accepting since they have seen us together. WE get along extremely well, which is somehow apparent to those that know us and don't know we are together. There is something very special between us.

We too are a cousin couple!!! Congratulations and God bless you both!! Mitzi and Fred-1st cousins

same exact situation here . <br />
<br />
I am so glad for you two .

Thank you!