My Cousin And Her Feet (PLEASE HELP!!!)

Hi, I've always had a crush on my cousin since we were toddlers. I'm 13, fixing to be 14 in a couple of weeks and she's 15. We are not blood related because my uncle was adopted. She lives a long ways away so I only get to see her 2 or 3 times year. Another thing is that I have a foot fetish and I love her feet. I can't help it. I want to be able kiss her lips and her feet. I want her to let me kiss, lick, and suck her feet and toes. I kissed, licked, and sucked her feet and toes when we was asleep one time and looking back on it, I wish I would have never done it. I know it was wrong and sick but I just couldn't help myself. It was awesome when I did it they tasted great and everything but I hate myself for doing it. I want her to agree to it so I don't feel bad like I do now. Anyway, besides her feet I love her too. I want to be able to kiss her lips too. I'm just scared to tell her how I feel because I'm scared she will think I'm a freak and won't talk to me anymore because even though we only see each other 2 or 3 times a year we are like best friends. We have a ton of stuff in common. We love the same music, movies, and tv shows. If anyone has some advice on how I could tell her how I feel about her, how to ask her to let me kiss her on the lips, or how to ask her to let me kiss, lick, suck her feet and toes please tell me. I really need some help on this. DON'T tell me how disgusted you are of my foot fetish or how disgusted you are that I kissed, licked, and sucked her feet and toes while she was asleep. I can't help my foot fetish, I was born with it, and I know it was wrong when I did that to her feet while she was asleep. Thank you for reading my story and please give me advice. PLEASE HELP ME, IM REALLY CONFUSED!
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my cousin is 3 years old and she has the most beautiful feet i've ever seen. whenever we're alone i take off her shoes and kiss her feet and hug them and smell them. i also put some bananas on the floor and ask her to crush them under her feet and grind them under her toes. then i lick them all over.

OK I understand what your going through since I also have a foot fetish, Ask her one day after a long walk or run if she wants a massage then if she agrees then good, then ask her if she want to have her feet worshipped if she declines then keep massaging, later ask her again and explain if she declines then explain your situation, this worked 8/10 Times for me

I got to enjoy my cousin feet the first time while we both were getting high.

it not wrong. I like my girl cousin feet to.

Have you ever done anything with her feet?

I have that problem too I love my cousin and her feet offer her a foot massage and ask her if she likes her feet worshiped and if she say no then back down

I had that same problem one time my cousin go sandle and pink nails and it turn me on so we had a sleep over then when we were asleep I took out my penis and stared to rub my penis on her feet then for 10 min of doing it I *** on feet so much that the heat of the *** woke her up and she said my feet felt warm and then she look at them and she took my *** then she was like if you want a Footjob why did you say and now I get Footjobs any day

U lucky Bastardd

I have the same story except i get to kiss my cousins feet they are so beautiful

my cousin has beautiful feet and one she had ask for a foot rub so i rubbed then and i got a hard on so she kissed me and i sucked on her toes but never had sex.. thats to far.. no blood between us thoe


If she does not understand that is her lose not yours

If you are like best friends for a long time then she will understand.I have the same thing but I came through and so will you

I hve a foot fetish and am attracted to my cousins feet. After a long time of fantasizing about her one night while getting high with her I came out. She took her flip flops off and put her feet on my lap and asked me if they were pretty. I said yes and began to rub them. As we talked I licked her foot and she didnt stop me so I went on. Well to this day she loves me licking her feet and sucking on her toes.

u mother fuckerr

i can relate in your story.... and im scared to tell her too.... because im scared that she don't like too, like i like her.... i want to kiss her lips too.... because she has a kissable lips.... but not like you.... she is not my bestfriend.... her brother is my bestfriend.... im just close to her.... and i can't tell it to my brother.... like you.... i only see her twice or thrice a year.... and we had a lot in common too... about the favorites.... and like you i can't tell her how much i love her....

If you want to massage her feet then tell her to put her feet up and you'll massage them for her And if you want to lick her feet then make up story about that it feels better to lick and kiss her feet instead of massageing them. Your welcome :) (:

hey<br />
my cousin came upto me in bed and kissed me<br />
it worked ou for him and it will maybe work out for u <br />
just be truthful<br />
and the foot fetish thing isint grose<br />
millions of other people have a foot fetish too<br />
be honest to her<br />
and when ur telling her start to get closer<br />
if she starts to mve a way back down<br />
and if she leans in or doesnt move<br />
you have her lips for ur lips<br />
<br />
good luck<br />
hope i helped

your wecome kido.

Thanks. I feel a little better now.

first off your going have to take thing slow and listen to your and her heart because people say the eyes are window to the soul that's true i also belive that the heart is the voice of the soul your going have to listen very carefully beside she mite feel same way and just as scared. i was the same age you are when i last saw my cousin who i still love very much and no body will take her place. you said you two are best friends well well i have a feeling that the feelings mite already there they just a little help. me and cousin were best friends too so be careful. thank you for reading story i hope this helps.