I Slept With My Cousin

My cousin and I didn't meet till we were in our late 20's. And it was at her wedding. The wedding was out of town. After her wedding, my whole 3hr drive home all I could do was think of how beautiful she was. I didn't get to see her till 3 years later. At that time I found out it was a short marriage.

Well 6 months after her divorce she contacted me to let me know she would be moving to my city. I'm thinking cool I can show her around and introduce her to some people so she could learn her way around.

Well after about a month she called me late one evening and said she had a long day at work and she wanted a drink but didnt want to drink alone. Cool, so I went over with a bottle of wine. I didn't know wine made her horny. Well after the bottle she decided to slipp out of her work clothes and get comfortable. After 20 min or so she returned in a t-shirt and no paties or bra. I didn't really notice. I started watching sportcenter.

So to make a long story short. She sat in my lap and now i'm hard. She pulled it out and started sucking it. Well after being oral back and forth we were ready for intercourse. I wasn't even thinking this is my cousin so stop. It didn't even feel wrong because we were never that close even tho she is my second cousin. We never talked much. We had sex for 2 hours.

Am I wrong for going back 2 times a week for more
I am not sure if I wan't this to turn into a relationship because we are having phenominal sex. And if thats the case how can I continue to make booty calls to my cousin. DAMN.
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This story is wonderful can we do this together

It is wonderful having sex with a same caste girl half my age. I have been able to satisfy her (95%) and reach to ******. I love her, so much. We are emotionally as well as heartily bound with each other.

Great story.<br />
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I don't see anything wrong in it either...if this is what you both want then go for it and enjoy it :D

Damn my story is so similar...If it feels right then I guess it's alright. I've been wondering the same thing myself. Check my story out and let me know what you think.