I Love My Cousin Too

When i was 11 yrs old i lived with my grandpa for 1 yr and i have a crush on my first cousin but at that time we are not close to each other rarely to see each other then i left that place this april i am now 16 and she is 17 i came back and we began to be close we always flirt heavily with each other when im with her i feel strange i feel like im in love with her but she is my first cousin we have the same last name   = (   i only have 1 week to be with her but it was heaven... we slept in the same bed ( but with my younger brother,lol nothing happened) but when we are on the bed flirting i held her hands and she didnt do anything or react, i know she have a crush on me she told me that im cute.. and i told her that she is my type of girl.. 1 day before we leave we have a family reunion in the beach and (away from other relatives)i thank her for being so good to me she said thats nothing.. and my father told her we are coming back this december i said maybe when i come back i have a GF she replied when you gono have a GF i want you to make sure that she is as beautiful as your sister i replied in my place there are lots of beautiful girls more beautiful than my sister and you (my cousin) she stare at me and told me to STAY but i told her NO i have to go... that moment was so romantic for me and when the time i have to go i was very sad and i saw my cousin so sad too before i left she told me to come with her to ride with her but i refused cause the pain is tearing me up it's so hard to say goodbye i never had a chance to say goodbye = ( ... i dont know if in that moment when she asked me to ride with her she's gono tell me something.. since then i never saw her again but im still madly inlove with her.. its been 8 months i have been involve to lots of girls and 3 of them i fell inlove with but im still madly inlove with my cousin!! i told my friends about this and they're all negative about this i told them i love my cousin so much that it makes me love the world that i hate..i love her so much that if it is wrong to love her then i dont wana be right... So sad i never told her what i feel before i left her.. this december i dont know what will happen if im going to be broken hearted or what..im so afraid that she doesnt feel the same and see me only as a cousin because i dont know if girls can easily fell inlove with heavily flirt with their crushes. but what i know is i love my cousin and i have to tell her no matter what.. Thats all i can remember.... thank you all for reading my story....

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i feel your pain.. like you, it also happened to me now..
our families separated us.. no commu. at all.. but we promised that we will love each other forever.. & i'm hoping someday.. we'll meet again..both graduated and employed.. and be able to fight our love.. damn.. i miss him..

Well love is love and I know everyone is against cousins in love but the only reason is because of population growth. When the us first got here and started populating they did find that cousins who marry and have kids have a %4 higher chance of birth defects. So they made it a fo pa kinda thing not because of the bible   Forbidden Marriages sc<x>ripture  <br />
Between parents and children Leviticus 18:7-8 <br />
  Between stepparents and stepchildren Leviticus 18:8, 17  <br />
  With your paternal or maternal aunt Leviticus 18:12-13  <br />
  With your uncle or aunt Leviticus 18:14  <br />
  Between brother and sister and half-brother and half-sister Leviticus 18:9  <br />
  Between stepbrothers and stepsisters Leviticus 18:11  <br />
  With your daughter-in-law Leviticus 18:15  <br />
  With your sister-in-law Leviticus 18:16  <br />
  With your granddaughter Leviticus 18:10  <br />
  With your step-granddaughter Leviticus 18:17<br />
Nothing about cousins so yeah gotta tell her and how about this Here are some famous people who married their cousins:<br />
<br />
-Mary and Joseph in the Bible were first cousins (Matt. 1:16; Luke 3:23; Deuteronomy 25:5-6).<br />
-Prophet Muhammad and Zaynab bint Jahsh<br />
-Thomas Jefferson<br />
-Albert Einstein his cousin Elsa Einstein (double cousin)<br />
-H.G. Wells Isabel Mary Wells (1st Cousin)<br />
-Charles Darwin and 1st Cousin Emma Wedgwood<br />
-Governor Rudy Giuliani Regina Peruggi (2nd cousin, "It was 14 years of bliss....I miss my Rudy-Patootee," she says.)<br />
-Franklin D. Roosevelt married Eleanor Roosevelt (2nd cousin)<br />
-Edgar Allen Poe at age 25 married his 13 year old cousin, Virginia Clemm.<br />
-Johann Sebastian Bach<br />
-Queen Victoria<br />
-Aemilia Lanyer married Alfonso Lanyer<br />
-Jessie James and 1st Cousin Zerelda Mims<br />
-Jerry Lee Lewis at age 22 married his 13 year old 2nd Cousin Myra Gale Brown.<br />
-Issaac married Rebekah (Genesis 24:12-14)<br />
-Jacob married both Rachel and Leah (Genesis 28-29)<br />
-The Torah does not forbid cousin marriages (Leviticus 18:6-18)<br />
-Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha<br />
-First Prime Minister of Canada, Sir John A. MacDonald and 1st Cousin Isabella Clark<br />
-Werner von Braun and 1st Cousin Maria von Quirstorp

@IloveuCaitlyn, felt gr8 2 hear how u love her......so did u tell her or not?..........i think its really complicated when coming to relatives

I do know the feeling as I have a cousin she is married elsewhere so am I but we have strong feelings

I feel your pain. My second cousin is 19 and i'm 20. I went upstate where she lives for a reunion and ended up hanging out with her the whole weekend. She showed me her hood and we got coffee at this amazing french pastry shop. Shared some pretty deep dark secrets one night in particular sitting outside of a convenience store. I don't think she likes me and i'd never have the balls to tell her. She's gorgeous and has a boyfriend. I do well for myself in the female department but it's just seemed pointless since that weekend. It has ruined my muse and left me totally uninspired and a little down. I think mostly because i know this will never work out the way i want it to. I want to wrap her up and protect her from everything wrong in this world. But can't. **** societal norms.

the fact is that i have the same kind of experience,even i have the problem that i am unable to my cousin. but you don't let her go, just tell her and let she fill her love. best of luck.

Well, to be honest im right there with you guys. My mom was a drug addict abd it tore our family apart, so thats when i lost contact with my cousin, im am a male, she is female. but when we were kids we would do everything together like everything, but then she got taken from her mom, my aunt and i got taken from my mom. Here is what sucks, i got given back to my mom because the court system will give the mother the child of the father almost all the time. Now i live with my dad again but by this time im now 15 almost 16 and she is 1 month older. About 1 week ago i saw her for the first time in 10 or so years, i always thought about her every day and sometimes, still cry when i go to sleep because i miss when i had a happy family but none the less i always thought about her, and always loved her, still do. The problem is that she has a boyfriend and i have no idea if she still loves me. Now i did alot of reasearch about it and their is almost no health risk to your child, instead of 2-4% of birth defects its 4-6% so no risk really. And its apperently( sorry if i spell something wrong im on an ipod ) but your children have less of a chance to be deformed do to no new blood with possible mutations, i have to find a way to tell her how i feel but thats later on, someday i will marry her, i hold my word to it, p.s i live in. Canada and it is legal to marry your 1st cousin.

Weird, our story has many similarities , one of them meeting in December, in my situation it depends on her younger brother,if he passes exams they will come in December, another similarity is the beach family reunion, same.<br />
She also told me I'm cute, we just began flirting yesterday.<br />
But I love her way before that, I feel she shares that love, but I am not sure since she never said it.<br />
(I never said it as well, but we act as lovers), It's complicated when we are relatives.<br />
You don't know if it's love or being kind to a relative.<br />
<br />
I wish you well my friend , and I hope you unite with her,never mind society's stupid norms. raise a middle finger and marry her.<br />
Good Luck

i think you should tell her and dont give up on her. im with u on that. if its not right, then dont be right. life is not always about being right. so be happy with the one person who makes u happy :D

ive had an 8 month long relationship with my cousin, i loved him to bits and everything. Theres nothing to worry about its not even illegal, so if you love her try it, see what happens

dont expect too much on december...

dont expect too much on december...

omg thats so sad,like me and unlce(hes my age)like we flirt all the time but we dont love love eachother like that,we just play flirt and i tell him hes cute and my othe cousins tell him hes cute cause he is cute,doesnt mean we like like him cause i like someone else but im so sorry

uncle your age?

Long story but.... i failed T_T she already love someone else

So it's now June, what happened in December?