I Love My Cousin But I'm Afraid To Tell Her !!?

hey guys ..
i'm 17 years old and i love my cousin .. she's 17 too ..
i love her so much( since alot of years) and i'm sad that i'm afraid to tell her ..
i think she loves me but i'm not sure .. i'm afraid to tell her because we're so close from each other and i don't wanna ruin this if she told she doesn't love me back .. what should i do guys?
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For the longest time, I've had feelings for my cousin too. She is only a year younger than me, and our families traveled everywhere together. I was the definition of an outcast in school, but she was always so awesome in every way; being pretty much my dream girl. I kept my feelings to myself for years, hoping she felt them, but at the same time, hoping she didn't. I was afraid that if I told her, she and I would stop being so close, so I didn't say a word. She was proposed to by her boyfriend when I was 20 and she was 19. We stayed in the same house the weekend before her wedding and two nights before the wedding, I got a chance to talk to her alone. I knew that this was my last chance to tell her; and know that it wasn't me trying to convince her to stop the wedding, I just wanted her to know before she got married. So I told her, and she lived up to the most awesome cousin-role ever, because she was totally cool with it. She told me she kinda knew it for a while. Getting that out of my system, it never bothered me again.

You should tell her. It helps the both of you if you tell her the truth. She is your family; it shouldn't matter to her that you have those feelings, and if she does have them for you, she will feel more at ease to admit them. There is nothing wrong with having feelings for your cousin; they can be the closest and greatest friends in your lives. But take it from me; keeping those feelings bottled up inside isn't right. I liked her for 7 years and never said a word until 2 days before her wedding. Don't wait like I did. If you love her, listen to your heart, and go for it. Life is about chances man. Good luck.

i love my cousin as well. i am at my wits end. i don't know what to do.

i'm also in same situation!!!
don't know how to bring this topic to her..
really concerned about how she will react!

Man I'm in the pretty same situation and its driving me crazy cause I once broke her heart and want to apologize and tell her how much I love her but we are not allowed to talk anymore!

I am deeply in love with my cousin in law, she aint blood and the fact that her family sees straight through me that i like her alot has made me think its ok, i am truly affraid to let loose this matter to anyone as me and her are so close to a point where even when i aint with her she begs to see my face and it hurts me to think if she going to say the words no but iv only felt this with one other girl who is currently at uni who iv grown apart from for the better but i dont wanna go through that again expecially with her uncle married to my auntie, were more than close

I'm 12 my cousin is 13 and I'm really goods friends with her brother and older sister I really want to tell her that I like her alot but don't know how to approach that conversation but Idk if she will take it bad and we won't have a beautiful friendship. What do I do plz help me

dont get scared my friend go ahead and tell her that you love her

Im also in love with my cus im 16 and she's i think 18 how can i tell her i love her!?!?

if you had the courage tell her

if you had the courage to tell her you can dont be afraid it is permitted to marry cousin sisters or love them

simple go and said her that u are in love this her........ if she said no then said her ...... hahahahahah i am jokeing

this is the best idea i have heard LOL
i love one of cousins , and i'll do as you said :D

I'm inlove with my cousin too, He's turning 19 now and I'm turning 18 next year. They went here because our uncle/tito died, and I saw him after 5 years ago at first it's awkward but as we talk it's not awkward anymore, he is my 2nd cousin and I don't know why I'm mad inlove with him. We had sex before they go back to there country and I really cry hard because he might meet new girls there and I'm here thinking about him. We have communicatin now but I really felt that I'm just his option, I'm really afraid to tell him thati love him so much I might get hurt of his answer maybe. Please help what am I goin to do, thanks

I too am in love with my cousin. When we were young, before I moved away to another country, my parents said I had left her my bike as a good bye present. Well we visit my home country once every few years like when my mom had a new kid or recently an unfortunate death in the family. When I arrived in my home town I walked into the house and everyone was excited to see my family and I but we were also all sad. I saw my cousin and I was instantly in love. At first it was just lust but recently I am in love with more than just her body after going on a few trips with the family and kind of spending time with her. I am in my teens and my cousin is about the same age.

lool me to i love my cousin and she love me also but i don't know what will be happen in future...and that's why she said to me, we can't now because we can get problem in our family :(....am so close, am still love her a lot. After separate to her, am never loving other girl because my cousin is my forever...but its life we can't do nothing except believe in GOD......i have 18th and she has 16th

just mention it casually and calmly and be sure its the right moment. i mean no distractions or anyone else around. thats how my cousin/man did it. we were just chillin by ourselves out taking a drive and parked to smoke (dont smoke in the car) at an isolated location and he just came out and said something along the lines "i know theres a chance this will **** everything up between us, but i dont want any more 'what if's' in my life and cant go on without saying i didnt didnt say anything and said he had feelings about me and wondered if i felt the same and that he understood if i didnt want to have anything to do with him from then on" i admired his all or nothing actions and did feel mutual and we're where we're at :)

Definitely tell her. I was in the same kind of situation with my cousin when I was 14, the uncertainty of not knowing whether he felt the same way or not was unbearable and I just told him everything one night. Turns out he didn't love me like that, but he was so nice about it and I felt SO relieved. It was a little awkward for a while afterward but now that is gone and we still have a good friendship.<br />
<br />
So I wouldn't get her drunk, just ask to talk to her alone and tell her your feelings. If she does love you back it will be AMAZING, if not it will be sad but if you guys are really close she will understand and let you down easy. And who knows, if she answers no now there's always the possibility that it could change in the future. But either way, you won't have to wonder anymore and unless she is horribly prejudiced against ****** you will still have her as a friend.<br />
<br />
Hope I helped! If you do go through with it please tell me how it goes! I am new to the site and have no "circle" as yet, but if you like my advice I would love it if you added me.

I know how you feel I love my cousin too. I would strongly advise you tell her you love for her. Just do it when no one else I around and she's single otherwise she could be pressured to answer repulsively. I hope you too can start a good long lasting relationship. Best Wishes--JMetcalf1997

ill say what i tell every body try getting a little alcohol and get drunk and tell her how u feel and if she says no then blame it on the alcohol and dont tell her to much or she will know your sober but telling her up front is always the best but if your really worryed i think thats the best idea and i hope it goes well :)