We Fell Over The Edge 6......

The Luggage. And no I'm not talking about my bags. In all of our experiences ( this means you too), even though we differ so greatly pertaining to luggage; the one common variable we all share in this experience is that heavy bag of moral responsibility we all carry. Probably explains how YOU got here in the first place. Bottom line there is a question of moral character that could pop up if someone were to find out that you have feelings for a cousin. By me even bringing it up somewhat suggests that I might also carry some moral weight, I am not conceding to feelings of guilt, but I am compelled to express my reasoning for letting myself get in this deep. Like many of you, we referred to the Bible, we Googled, because we were struggling with the moral implications of this relationship. The emotional roller coaster of intrigue, guilt, pleasure and pain. Am I selfish because I want this man who is both southern sweet and gentle to sweep me off my feet? Does he deserve to be admired and consumed? I am no believer of fairy tales. But I do believe that some opportunities only come around once, and the chance to feel unconditional sexual freedom, might never come for me, again. What would our parents say? What would my husband, wife, or otherwise say if they found out? Well if you really care for any of those people, you won't let them find out. My point is, the decision didn't come easy, and I battle with it daily.
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