My Cousin, What He Does To Me...why Him?

I am beside myself, I 43 and my cuz is 51.  We rarely ever saw each other. Working out of town or our paths never crossed.  Well a week ago I got a phone call from his sister to help him out, when no one else could or have the time for him...I gladly excepted, knowing his brothers well but not HIM.  We talked and talked so much in common it blew us away and enjoyed the intelligent conversation...WOW.  We went to see my aunt (his mother) for a couple of days, OMG had to stay at hotel.  Around bed time one thing led to another...we all know he rest of the night was bliss but the funny thing was how comfortable we felt even naked! Just felted so great i can't describe this feeling i have'nt felt in years or what?  We didn't feel the shame but the shame we were led to believe growing up to not mess with your close cousins was on our minds weighing on us.  We show each other affection when we're alone. i am in a relationship that i have been wanting to get out of.  He takes care of his family (siblings) and mother, but not himself...We are taking this day by day.  For the relationships I have had in the past I am speechless to how this makes me feel.  He said some beautiful things to say to me when we were together hope it wasn't all alcohol talking that we feel the same?  More to come as they develop....RED
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