I find it hard to trust anyone anymore. My best friend betrayed me the worst way, lying to me, using me as an excuse to cheat on his girlfriend. The ppl i trust the most they hurt me the worst, and it makes me so angry all the time. Why are ppl so mean ? i wonder, is it because i am shy or quiet, is that the reason ? . I wish everyone could be nice and not so deceitful to others, it is really cruel.
Chevonne Chevonne
2 Responses Nov 23, 2011

Thanks alot, i will try to live a little

I agree with you but its something you can not change and you must learn to let go of your fear and when you start being yourslef you will be happyer and well you say everyone hates then it won't matter that much if you be yourself and it goes bad will it =) and just live wild and free and remember you only live once and please please just try it cause you don't know what your missing out on and figure this out before you waste another second =) <3