I Love Him With All My Heart

I've known my cousin forever. He recently told me he loved me, and i felt estatic. unfortunately, my family is highly religious, and i know they would never understand. so we're planning to move away from them, and live together, because thats how much we love each other. i don't regret it one bit, and i'd do it over a 100 times, exactly the same way. so, you people who think its disgusting, screw you.


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i know what your going thru :(

o my god. why people hate cousin to cousin relationship?

I feel you love is love and you cant change.that

If luv is true. .then go 4 it. .its ur life

I fell in love with my 2nd cousin. He initially connected with me via letter and from the first time I opened the letter I felt a pulling on my heart but I did not know what I was feeling so I dismissed it. Our communication grew so strong in such a short time. I tried to deny what I was feeling but he kept confessing his love for me. I recently divorced after being in a marriage for 25 years. I have always lived my life based on what makes others happy and denied my own desires and happiness but now that I have found true love with my cousin I am not letting him go. He is my lifeline. For now we have to keep our love a secret but I don't plan on keeping our love a secret for long. We plan to live the rest of our lives together.

My cousin and i found out recently that we both feel mutual about one another. Its the most incredibly passionate love weve ever felt! I can honestly say that I never knew what love was, especially now that i see that it was staring me right in the face this whole time. I never imagined id ever do anything like it , it just is! Love just hit both of us outta the blue clear sky. We both thought wed end up alone, then i realized what an attraction ive felt for her, shes my soulmate, my best friend, my rock. Shes beautiful inside and out, making love to her is incredibly surreal, its so passionate and amazing its hard to explain!

In my country its common to marry cousins, especially first cousins

That is ****** up. people that are ****** are no more evolved than monkeys. Do the world a fovor and use protection so you don't add another mentally ill child to this world. FREAK

I wish I had the courage to tekl my cousin...


It's may be against the LAW, but It will never be a SIN. -God didn't forbid US. Loving our cousin would be very difficult, but no one can stop us.

I don't think there is anything wrong, its not against religion, morals or science its just society that thinks its weird. I love my cousin with all my heart too. I'm not scared of what my family, friends or society will think, this type of love is hard to find and some of us will never get the chance to even experience a climse of it. I'm happy you both aren't affraid of doing something about it. My cousin told me he has and always will love me recently, I just wish my he would action it and run away with me.

I agree. I'm happy for you :)

go for it girl!!!!! :)

Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, etc are examples of famous genius who married their FIRST COUSINS. So there is nothing wrong with people like us (who fall in love with their cousins)!<br />
<br />
Well I did not grow up with him, we were brought up in different countries and have not seen each other in a long time. So he is a MAN to me, not a BROTHER.<br />
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I just cant help myself. But i also cannot tell anyone else. Its comforting to know there are many who are experiencing the same predicament as me. :D

i love my 3rd cousin wit all my heart!

There is nothing wrong with having babies either unless it is a double cousin relationship, but the risk of having a child with defects is the same as a woman in her 40's having children. There are alot of cousin couples with perfectly normal children. And if its a concern, there is always genetic counsiling

I really don't see what the big deal is. I love my cousin, too, but there's no blood so no one can have a syke at me. Even if you are blood related, though, it's love-You really can't help who you love and who you don't love.

I really don't see what the big deal is. I love my cousin, too, but there's no blood so no one can have a syke at me. Even if you are blood related, though, it's love-You really can't help who you love and who you don't love.

I don't see why a religious family would be a big deal. The Bible says nothing at all against cousin marriages, in fact it mentions them often.

there is nothing with loving your cousin i love my cousin ALOT too and id be willing to move out with him away from our family because we do love each other and yes screw all of you people that its disgusting ....... just take care . im taking care of myself by not ending up pregnant TAKE CARE .........:)

Nothing is wrong with loving your cousin. I feel my cousin is my soul mate as she feels the same of me. Problem is Im married and she lives 1500 miles away. Talk to her often, hope we can get together.

love is love nobody can change about that.

love" you can't help who you fall in love with....sad part is when is some one close to you..

uh, just don't have babies, okay? Look, it is about boundries-not being disgusted.