I Think I Will Always Love Him

My mom side of the family has always been very close so my cousen and I have been around eatch other sents I was born, from the age of 9-10 he was a nerd, glasses bowl hair cut, he was also alote larger and was 3 years older than me. We hung out talked a lot and spent every family reuinun, holliday, even took a couple trips together.

The summer after 8th grade my family sent me to my aunts to watch my young cousen(my parents didn't know at the time I had picked up drinking) my old boy cousen spent lots of time there where I would be living for the summer but he did not live there, during the 1st couple weeks we had fun talking playing games, then one night my younger cousen and I stayed over where he lived...... my younger cousen fell asleep and so he and I desided to have a few drinks, one thing lead to another and we ended up kissing then makeingout with some heavy tuchy feely. He was my first kiss. I was great. He let me leed up to what I wanted to do and did not push me witch at this time in my life with my hormones ragging out of control I wanted it all but that did happen.

After that I was hooked on him. I didn't want it to end we finnaly had sex two days later, that was amasing, I don't think I was his first but he was mine. eatch time we did it it got beter and beter.

After the summer he has became mean and really won't talk to me about anything it makes it hard to really go to family things. The last time we were alone was months ago and neather one of us would say anything, but the heat between us was so hot I had to take off some cloths(sweater and long sleave) I still love and miss him so. But now we both have people me of 5 years and him 4 but I probly would have to leave to get one more chance with him
akhsweet akhsweet
18-21, F
May 8, 2012