My Very First ******* Was From My Cousin!

Me and my cousin grew up one street apart so growing up, she was always at my house, or I would be at hers, especially in the summer. At this time I was around 13 and she was 16/17, and after playing outside for awhile she would say lets go to your room and play. So we would play marbles or board games and stuff (this was before video games really took over), then I noticed she would pick fights with me, more and more which would usually lead to us wrestling. She was bigger than me and most times would end up with me pinned down which made me get very angry with her. I also noticed that I would also get very "Hard" when we were wrestling and alot of the times her hands or arms or legs would be rubbing or sliding across my very stiff ****! So one day my mom tells me that she has to go to the store and will be back in about an hour. I'm watching tv falling asleep in the living room, so I go to my bed and lay down. When all of the sudden I am blasted by a pillow to my face! I was so pissed! I tried to jump out of bed to kick who ever's *** had just hit me, but I was pinned under my blanket and couldn't free my arms, I could only manage to kind of swing my legs but they were also under the blanket. Then I heard her laughing and knew who it was and I got even more pissed! She was sitting on top of me and had a pillow covering my face. I was trying to spin and move from side to side but it wasn't doing much good but making her laugh more. I finally twisted enough to one side to free one of my legs and get it out from under the blanket. I still could not see anything because my face was still covered by a pillow. I was swinging my free leg trying to kick her off of me and some how she slid one of her legs between mine, because every time I kicked and moved my leg, my **** was grinding on a very firm part of her body! I was only wearing very loose fitting soccer shorts and thats all! I quickly became "hard" as I kept trying to free myself. Then as I was trying to twist away from her to free my other leg, she must have pulled me back by my shorts, because I felt my shorts twisting and then my very "Hard" **** popped out through the leg opening of my shorts! I wasn't sure what had happened, then I felt something rub against it, skin on skin, and I knew it was out! I continued to try and move and kick her off of me when I noticed she was no longer laughing, and mocking me, actually she was quiet. Then I felt her hand tightly grab and squeeze my ****! I still tried to turn and slide away, but it felt very good. I had never felt this before. I started moving my hips up, like a horse trying to throw it's rider and this felt even better! As I was trying to knock her off of me by thrusting my hips upwards her hand was squeezing tighter and tighter and followed my every move. The feeling was so amazing as I thrust my hips up, her hand would slide down and as I lowered my hips, she would slide her hand to the very tip of my **** head and squeeze it! I was in a steady rythym now moving up and down and back up again, when I started to hear the "slurp, slurp, slurp" sound and I knew that my **** was oozing pre-*** and getting her hand all wet and sticky and then I heard her kind of giggle and her breathing was much louder and then she started softly moaning! I slowed my thrusting but her hand began pumping my **** harder and faster. I tried to keep up with her pace, but there was no way! Her hand was pumping my **** so fast and her moans were now very loud and getting louder. I new in about 15 seconds I was going to explode. I raised my hips up as high as I could and her strokes got even harder and faster and then I heard her start saying "Ohh God, Ohhhh God, Ohhhhhhh God!!" I swear I could feel her hot breath on my **** as I Exploded for what seemed like about 5 minutes!! My body was convulsing and I could not move. I just layed there. I'm sure it was only for about a minute, but it felt like 10 minutes, panic struck, as I remembered my moom would be back any minute! I threw my blanket off me and jumped up! Then I heard the back door slam shut and I realized I was soaking wet and I looked at my bed and blanket and wall and pillow and head board and my *** had shot everywhere! Now we are both adults, she is married with 2 kids and to this day neither of us has ever mentioned a thing about "that" summer. It has always been our secret.
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Wow. Too bad she didn't give you your first blow job. ;-)

Good story. The things we discover as kids!

mmmmmmm!! lucky boy!!

nice story, sounds like a fun way to learn about sex.

I guess she had other motives at the time. Looking back, "that" memory has always stayed fresh in my mind. Thanks for taking the time to read my story!

Great story, I wish I'd of had a cousin like that!

I did the same thing with my first cousin. It became our private humor point, I'm 52. married and a dad. She's 51, married and a grandmother. If I feel like one I'll call her. If she feels like doing it for me she'll call me just to say hello. Her husband is a "dribbler" when he ****. I shoot between 4 and 6 long thick "ropes" when I let go. She's always gotten into watching it go. Never did anything else. Not even a kiss. We're best buddies to this day. Got one on Xmas Eve three days ago.. She will see this. Let's see if she answers it.

Hopefully she will, if so tell us about it!

That is awesome!

Thats a hard secret to keep.