Our First Date

well me and my cousin r madly in love with eachother !! this is my second story - - first one being angel neema !!
    we decided to go out on a date to a mall  but this wasnt easy both of us had to make up fake stories to our families !!  but finally our plan succeeded and we met !! this was our first date   and we were shy initially but then things got hotter lol !! we decided to see a movie nd so both of us sat in a place where no one could see us , we were holdin hands throughout nd then i kissed her cheek !! after a while she kissed myn too !after the intermission we couldnt control our feelings lol ! we started making out !!  both of us were licking each other ! it felt soo right ! we were each other's first kiss too !! as soon as the movie got over we begin searchin for a place where we could kiss and hug for a long time !! nd finally after a lot of searchin she(neema)  found an area were no one was found - basement lol !! we hugged each other soo tight !!  kissed each other with great love and passion !! i put my tongue in her mouth !! we kept kissing ! slowly things got hotter lol !! she put her hand in my shirt !! i put my hand too we kept french kissin each other !! we never wanted to let go each other !! i took her hand and held it tight and i slowly let her touch my penis ! she took her hand off and hugged me tight !! i then put my hand in her bra nd hugged her tight !! it felt heaven !! we kept kissing each other !!after a while we decided to go !! i put my hand on her shoulder and we kissed each other passionately for the last time !! both of us are first cousin's and r madly in love and furthermore she is almost one year elder to me !! it is hard to convenience to our family but i know God will help us !! i wish everyone here good luck who love their cousin's truly and i pray all of u would get your love !! 

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i am soon goin to break the news to my family hope things work .... !!

wow what a great story i hope it dos work out for both of you best wishs and prayers to you both good luck.