Love To Last?

Since I was young (age 6) I remember being so compelled by my cousin Gage. At that age our families moved into a large house together. We have been close ever since.
Fast forward 7 years and I've been moved away for years only to head back West for vacation. I was 13 when I knew. I knew that I loved him.
For the week visit, it was a constant party.
He was my first kiss on one of those nights. A night I'll never forget.

Since then, we have kissed on 3 different occasions.
He is just getting out of 90 days in rehabilitaton.
He's an addict. What do I see in him? I don't know.
We have never expressed emotions to each other only physical attractions.

What is the next step?
Now we are 18 and 23
Jen123123 Jen123123
1 Response May 14, 2012

what ever feels right to you good luck