I Love My Cousin

i love my cousin very much we r in love about 6 years .he stay in indore and i in mumbai we talk daily on phone and we meet once in a year when he come at my home .but problem is that my mom come 2 now about my relation with him . and i want 2 marry him but i cant because in ur caste this relation is like a social stigma .i miss him alot i badly cry when i miss him .i want 2  meet him but he is far away from me . plz i need ur support and advice
shruti shruti
22-25, F
3 Responses Apr 10, 2007

Hey i wud love to help u plz add

I know wht social sitigma yur taking about....I want 2 marry my cuz 2 but he doesn't like me the way i like him! i want 2 spend more time so he would really fall in love with me becuase i want n hope he would please pray for me!...Oh and you should keep your relationship a secret becuase if it's got 2 kno by yur rents n family they won't tolerate it. n get you married 2 some boy you do't even knoe

if ur parents cant let u marry... so ghar se bhaag jao........... thats the best way........ beleave me