A Story Of Her


There was once a girl who fell in love. She met that man even before she had the capacity to remember things, when they were still called a child, boy and girl. She was jolly and carefree, always running around with her friends. She doesn't remember how they met, how they knew each other or how they became close. One day, she and her playmates came to watch his dear brother roller skating.She looked at that boy watching his brother and said, "I never knew he was this handsome.". After that, she started noticing that boy, she'd like to go with her grandmother to fetch that boy, she'd like to see him everyday. She was 5 or 6 years old when she started looking at that boy, not as a friend. When she was 7 years old, she started visiting a country where her parents work. And after a year or two, that boy with his siblings went to the same place where that girl's parents work to study. Her parents and that boy's parents knew each other, even before they we're born. She forgot that man and liked another, but everytime she visits that place faraway, she would like to tell her father, "Papa, can we go their house?", her father's always convinced since she was always alone in the place where they stay. And when she sees him she feels butterflies in stomach, her heart races and feels an unexplained nervousness inside her like everything was a fairytale. She would play doll with his sister, get bullied by his older brother and what she wants the most is be with her prince. And when the day ends, she would just pray that she would always return to where he is. When her vacation in that place ends, she would forget about him for a while and forget her feelings. The time came when she studied at the same school as he did though she doesn't really meet him. There are times when she sleep in his home, sleeping beside his sister but there are times that she fell asleep beside him. There are times when she and his family travel together, she falls asleep in his arms,she leans on his shoulders and looks at his lips, play with him inside the car and sometimes he falls asleep in her arms and wish that, "Please God, stop the time right now.". In his house, she would not want to sleep at night and sit beside him while he is having an online chat with somebody and  make an excuse like, "Let me see how long in your hand." for him to stop flirting with other girls and just hold her hands,instead. In the morning, she would insist herself to his sit and ask, "What are you playing?", "What is this?" and do things for him to notice her. There are times when they fight, even though it is her fault, he would be the one who'd make a way for them to reconcile but there is one time when the girl was the one trying to reconcile with him, she went to his room and hugged him and said, "Let's be okay again.", he didn't mind the girl but after some time he will be the one who will make a move and make the girl feel better by not saying sorry directly but doing it like, "Because there's a girl here, who ignores me.", she continues to ignore him but smiles when he turns his back and after a while she would start talking to him, something like that.One afternoon, she got her first kiss from him. It wasn't so sweet but she was happy. When she gets home and when her dad and mama is kissing her, she's okay with it but deep inside, she's like, "Papa,Mama, don't kiss me. I got a kiss from the boy I like.". There were many times she was kissed by him and pretend that she didn't know, she would always keep it to herself. Everytime she went to their house, she would not sleep at night just to be with him, she would insist herself to his sit when he's playing computer games, she would sit beside him in his parents car and rest her head  to his  shoulders, and times when they don't speak to each other for months but still, she would wait until he would start trying to talk to her. There came a time when she is about to be one of the freshmens in high school, she was kissed by him. He asked if she loves him but the girl said,"I don't know.", because she had these feeling that what his saying might be a lie. She asked her friends about him, about his kiss. They told her that, "What he said might be insincere.", she knew that what they we're saying were truths but she didn't believe in them, she told herself, "Let me live in this fairytale, just for a while.". One day, she read a message saying that what he said was a lie and that he has a girlfriend and said, "I'm sorry.", her heart was shattered into pieces. After that, she still went to their house hoping he would come to her just like before, she would talk to him naturally just like before, she would sit beside him just like before, she would lean on his shoulders just like before and sleep beside him just like before. 
She still loves him until now that she's 15 years old. He has a girlfriend, a new one. She's still holding on and hoping even things would be hard for her. Even if her parents throw her away, even if her loved ones is disgusted and tells her that she is not in love. She didn't care and lied that she doesn't love him anymore. But there's one time(May 17, 2012- about 12:00 to 1:00-) she messaged him on facebook and told him to sleep since he and his family are going somewhere early. He invited her downstairs to make some coffee and she agreed. After sometime, he asked for a hug and the girl agreed. The boy said that he'll teach her how to kiss and sit on his lap but the girl was afraid. He told her to kiss him and she kissed him on his left cheek and again the boy said, ''Kiss me.", her body we're trembling as she moves her face near his and the lips touched. She was afraid that someone would suddenly discover what they we're doing so she was looking at the door while the guy was kissing her intimately and he said,"Close your eyes." and she answered, "Someone might come in and see us." So he placed a chair outside the kitchen and told her again to sit on his lap and she did. For a while, her eyes we're wide open but after some time, she closed her eyes and felt his tongue inside her mouth. He was brushing his hands on her hips until it reaches her private parts but she said, "No, please not there." he replied, "Just close your eyes and don't think about what I do." but still, everytime he tries to touch her private parts, she disagrees. After sometime, he kept on asking if he could put it in but she answers him with her upper lips touching his upper lip with a husky voice saying, "Not now, we're still too young.". At this time he still has a girlfriend and currently away from his current girlfriend because of the request of his mother. 
She knows how hard it is to love him and how much he loves her just because of his lust but still she agrees, not because she is a ***** but accepted that this will be the only chance that she could, at least feel that she's loved by the only man she ever loved.


Up until now, she's still in love with him,she still yearn for him,she still cry for him,her feelings never went away. She became afraid of loving another but she's still in love with him. She keeps on falling in love over and over again with him. She doesn't know when her admiration became a simple crush nor how a simple crush turned out to be a long-term feelings of love. She just knew that it started when she was 5.

~This is actually my story and my cousin

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May 21, 2012