It Was Those 3 Words That Changed My Life, "i Love You."

Summer 2010, chilling outside my "M" and two friends. We started asking each other questions and then we started to play around hitting each other. It was late at night maybe around 2 or 3 and we decided to go inside, the other two went home. He latex on the couch and I laid near the end of his feet. We were playing around and i slowly made my way on top of him. He started to mouth something but I didn't undetstand what he said so i whispered in his ear "tell me what you said" I eventually found out what he said "**** you, i love you." Everything happened so fast I just remember kissing his cheek and then he kissed me on the lops anf laid me down. his kisses are amazing. Thankfully yhe door was lock and when his grandma woke up I opened it and went straight to bed. I was over there every day. Every moment we had to took it and kissed. Summer went and it was time to go home. I remember leaving him, he have me a huge hug and a big kiss. While walking away i looked back and saw his smile for the last time. We were still together and we talked everyday. We Skyped when we had the chance. He was amaxing and I loved him so much, I still do. He got his visa and came to visit in November. I was so happy. The first day he came we got to he together because it was my sisters birthday, he even got to sleep over that night and we kissed all night long. Later in November we got the chance to sleep together in my bed for the night, it was the first night we made love. He was the first guy I loved. He came over my house every weekend. One night we were in bed and we look off our clothes and my legs were around his wasit while his around were around my pulling me cooed to him. It was perfect. Then mu mom came knocking on the door. I thought everything was over after that. He never came over my house again. My mom hated him. Over a while she slowly got over it. He left in January. Months went by and I feel in love with him more and more. he was perfect and i loved him so Much. Summer 11 came and I didn't have the opportunity to go over seas to see him, it was hard and it was even harder on august 3 when we parted eachother. My mom found a cute annivarsay message in my phone I played it off and pretended it wasn't him. I got away with that. But ever since he left me I was so hurt. I was lost. We still talked. Sometimes he made me feel like he still loved me sometimes he just ignored me. Time went by and winter came. He was coming to visit again. And when we were alone, we kisses, I remember it like it was yesterday. He was back in my life and I was finally happy again. I skipped school just to be with him and wed come home and be in bed together, we took a bath together. We did everything to be together. January 12, his birthday and i skipped school to be with him. February..march.......April 14. That week things slowly changed and I knew it. he was going to leave me again. He said it. It was hes done with this stupid ****. Hes scared someone will out. So am I. But we tried so hard until now. Everything was fine. My mom was over the past. I tried so hard to hide everything. But he said no. He's done. After that night everything was awkward. We didjt see eachother for a while. I was so hurt and left alone again. I didn't want this to end again and so early. We saw eavhother a few times and every time we did we kissed and he made me feel like he loved me again. Yesterday night we went to watch a movie. We left and made love in the back of my car.. it was exotic. I saw him tonight for the last time, I said my goodbyes, he's leaving tomorrow. I love him so much, i always will. I don't know what to do from here, should I wait again... I can't imagine myself being with anyone else. I want him, I need him in my life. I love you M. I just want you back.. please.
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

I wish he would just try harder to be together and not give up so fast. If you love someone you should be with them no matter what.

yes you be with them no matter what. you mit have to be the one to help him to see the light good luck to both of you.

why don't just go with him? it sound like to me you both belong togather